The Importance of Taking Engagement Portraits Before Your Wedding Day

Engagement Portrait

Three Ways Taking Engagement Portraits Can Make for A Better Wedding Experience

Engagement PortraitEngagement portraits are one of the best things couples can do to create an overall great wedding experience. Planning your session at least 3-6 months before your wedding can be helpful in many ways. Here are three ways that taking engagement portraits can make for a better wedding experience.

Engagement Portrait

 1. Taking Engagement Portraits Is A Great Way to Take A Break from Wedding Planning

Engagement PortraitFirst and foremost, engagement portraits are a great way to celebrate this milestone in your relationship and a to take a break from wedding planning. Having planned a wedding and seen many couples plan their own weddings, we can tell you that it can be really stressful! Spending a couple of hours celebrating your relationship, with engagement portraits, can be memorable.

Engagement Portrait

 2. You Can Use the Images to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

Engagement PortraitAnother way that engagement portraits can make for a better wedding experience is that you can use the images for many things. If you plan your engagement portraits well ahead of time, the images can be used for save the date invitations. And you can also use the images to create a customized wedding guest book or to decorate your wedding venue with framed portraits.

Engagement PortraitThe images from your engagement portraits can be used for a bunch of other things as well. For example, if you have a wedding website, some of the images can be used for this. Of course, posting the images on social media is also great way to show off your engagement portraits.

Engagement Portrait

3. Engagement Portraits Give You the Opportunity to Work with Your Wedding Photographer

Engagement PortraitLast but not least, scheduling engagement portraits give you the opportunity to work with your Wedding Photographer before the wedding. If you have never taken professional portraits, engagement portraits are a great test run! By working with your Wedding Photographer before the wedding day, you will be more comfortable taking portraits on your wedding day.

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