The Ultimate Guide to Select Celtic Wedding Rings

Select Celtic Wedding Rings

If you’re looking for something very special in terms of wedding rings, consider going Celtic. These models are not only beautiful but have powerful meanings to the ornaments depicted on them. But before you choose something only for its looks, it’s better to find out the history and value of Celtic wedding rings.

We’ll guide you through a brief yet rich history of the ornaments and present the most common types. Choose a wedding ring according to your preferences and the meaning of the ornament.

The Brief History of a Celtic Wedding Ring

Celtic Wedding RingA Celtic wedding ring is one with a Celtic knot. The types are plenty, but all of them represent the power of never-ending love. It’s believed that such rings bring happiness and sincere feelings to the couple.

There are men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding rings. No limits as to who can wear them and who cannot.

Celtic engagement rings have been used for over 3 centuries. In families, they are passed from mothers to daughters quite often as a family treasure. The knots have become very popular among the world in the XIX century because of the migration of the Irish people trying to escape the great famine.

An interesting fact is that such rings are considered royal as well. Queen Victoria was seen wearing such a piece, which gave it the status.

You don’t need to be Irish to buy such rings for your wedding. The meaning of every knot is universal, and you can use it both to commemorate your background if you happen to be Irish or to represent your family values and love to your partner.

Common Types of Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Wedding KNOTThere are several common types you can consider:

1. Claddagh

Some of the most popular around the world, Claddagh wedding rings represent friendship, loyalty, and unending love towards your partner.

2. Trinity knot

By far the most popular knot you can see on the market. Its meaning is much deeper. It’s the unity and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. It represents balance in a relationship. Usually, the elements are highlighted with brighter metals.

3. Lovers knot

The Anam Cara knot, which means a soulmate knot, is a more modern variant of traditional Celtic ornaments. It’s meant for lovers who consider each other soulmates.

4. Irish

Containing a shamrock and traditional patterns, this is the ultimate Celtic wedding ring that will suit best to those with Irish heritage. You’ll represent all the values of your people, love being one of the most important.

Their history is beautiful, as well as their meaning. Get Celtic wedding rings to honour your Irish background or just as a sign of eternal love for your partner. These rings are made from all kinds of metals and can be further decorated. However, the laconic, aesthetically pleasing knot should be enough for a minimalistic, traditional ring.

Use yellow, white, or rose gold for your rings if you want to have maximum value. Silver rings are also very popular for those who prefer this metal.

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