The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit (30 Essential Tools)

Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is a wonderful thing, but it sure does bring some challenges with it. The most troubling is the stress of your wedding day. There are just so many things that need to be considered. The last thing you want to do is to leave the wedding rings at home. So, make sure you’ve chosen your man’s wedding band and have it stored away. While you’re at it, make sure you and your spouse craft the ultimate wedding day emergency kit!  Not sure where to start? Here’s everything you’ll need for a stress-free wedding.

Keep Yourself Comfortable and Healthy

1. Pain relievers

TylenolA quick Advil or Tylenol can help reduce any muscle pain or headaches on the day of. Just make sure to not take too many if you’re drinking.

2. Toothbrush and floss

Had a snack while you were getting ready? Got a piece of broccoli stuck between your teeth? Coffee stains clearly on your teeth? Make sure you have something to clean up your smile.

3. Q-tips

Whether you want to clean your ears prior to heading for the aisle or need to clean some gunk out of the corner of your eyes, Q-tips should do the trick.

4. Eye drops

Eye dropsDon’t let your red eyes give guests the wrong idea. Wet those dry eyes and make sure your vision is clear so you can see your spouse in all their glory.

5. Deodorant

No one wants a stinky bride or groom. Freshen up your ‘pits before your big day kicks off. 

Keep It Beautiful

6. Hair spray

Hair sprayWindy day ahead? Keep some hair spray nearby so your hair isn’t blown out of control by a gusty breeze.

7. Perfume and cologne

Want a fresher scent than your deodorant can provide? Want to smell like a fresh, blooming forest? Make sure you pack in your favorite cologne or perfume to keep yourself smelling your best.

8. Electric razor

Are you the type that shaves in the morning and already has a 5-o’clock shadow by midday? Throw a razor in your emergency kit to clean up any new hairs.

9. Tweezers

TweezerDid you similarly miss a few hairs the other day? Notice a few eyebrow hairs you didn’t catch while prepping in the morning? Keep some tweezers on you to keep your skin looking as clean as possible. 

Stay Looking Sharp

10. Sewing kit

Sewing kitStretch your shoulders a little too far and hear a horrible splitting noise? Not a problem with a sewing kit in your arsenal! Just make sure someone in your party knows how to sew.

11. Safety pins

Don’t let your clothes get fussed out of place. Safety pins will help keep everything in order, from your lapel to your collar.

12. Portable stain remover

Did some toothpaste fall out of your mouth while brushing? Wearing your jacket at the same time? Poor move, but keep a stain remover nearby to take care of it with ease.

13. On-the-go clothes steamer

Did your shirt get wrinkled while relaxing prior to getting dressed? A portable steamer will iron any of those out in no time.

14. Lint roller

So what if your dog jumped on you prior to your ceremony? A lint roller will pull any errant hair off your body.

For Your Tech Needs

15. Phone charger

Phone chargerYou’re surely going to want to catch some live videos for social media. Don’t let your phone die. Keep a phone charger by your side.

16. Portable charger

Need to charge your razor? Electric toothbrush running out of life when you need it most? Make sure you have a portable power bank to power up whatever tech you need.

17. Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth-speakerNo festivity is happening until there’s music to set the scene. Bring a Bluetooth speaker along to have pump-up music playing wherever you are. 

Quench Your Thirst and Hunger

18. Bottled water

Bottled waterYou need to stay hydrated! The last thing you want is to give your new spouse a dry-lipped kiss on the altar or to pass out during your “I do.”

19. Protein bars

With everything going on, you might forget to eat until your reception. Make sure you have some easy-to-eat snacks at the ready.

20. Juice or soda

Need a pep-up midday after getting prepped or having a few drinks too many prior to the wedding? Get some carbs with juice or a shot of caffeine with some soda.

21. Gum

GumWhether you want to freshen up your breath or want something to chew on so you can de-stress, a pack of gum is a good way to go.

22. Breath mints

No one wants to get a stinky face full of “I do.” Pop in some breath mints prior to heading down the aisle for your ceremony.

23. Alcohol

AlcoholSome of us like starting the party early; others like cutting the stress whenever possible. Plus, it can be fun to share some drinks with your party prior to the ceremony.

All the Other Essentials

24. Extra pair of shoes

stylish sneakersDress shoes and high heels are only posh for a short time. Soon enough, your calves, arches, and soles will be in pain. Set aside a pair of stylish sneakers so you can cut a rug later while remaining comfortable.

25. Another undershirt

Expect to sweat out of control when you’re at the altar. Another shirt will keep you feeling fresh through your reception.

26. Double up on socks

Depending on the weather, you might find your feet sweating out of control. Don’t let your sweaty feet turn into blistered, stinky feet. Have an extra pair of socks nearby.

27. Bug spray

Bug sprayCeremony or reception outside? Don’t let yourself get covered in mosquito bites. Protect yourself with a natural bug spray.

28. Hand sanitizer

Getting married soon? Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! You’ll want to ward away any germs on the day of.

29. Ring box

The last thing you want is to misplace your ring prior to the ceremony. Whether you’re holding it yourself or handing it off to the best man, place your bands inside of a proper wedding ring box.

30. Extra underwear

Listen. We all test our luck sometimes. Don’t let that day be your wedding. And if it does … ? Well, make sure you have backup. Your guests will thank you.

Make your wedding day as smooth as possible. Keep your essentials nearby and ensure you and your spouse are able to get married both in comfort and with ease.

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