These Movie Weddings Set the Bar for Couples Everywhere

Sweet Home Alabama

The hallmark channel is good for a few things – fantastic lifestyle commercials, cute lead roles filled by attractive celebrities, and cheesy wedding movies that make you wish you could relive your wedding day over and over again. And if you aren’t married, then these movies have a tendency to make you think of taffeta, cake, and bridesmaid dresses. They also have a tendency to exacerbate our expectations as women when it comes to planning our weddings.

Weddings, in movies, are often portrayed as exciting and extravagant affairs. They’re often portrayed this way in the media overall, if we’re being realistic. Expectations about weddings are usually pretty high, and also pretty stringent. Meaning that those who are getting married have strong opinions about how things should play out. That’s fair, right?

It’s just that the media and movies aren’t always fair to reality. Weddings are expensive. The wedding industry is booming, and likely always will be thanks to the aforementioned Hallmark channel and other popular wedding movies. There are certain movies focusing on weddings, wedding planning, bridesmaids, and more that change the expectations of women (and men) all over.

There are so many movies that feature everlasting love stories it’s hard to pick just a few that change expectations of women, but with that being said, it is possible, and the folks at Shane Co made it happen by pricing out the celebrations of iconic movies that feature a wedding or the wedding planning process.

1. Bride Wars – Total: $84,562

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Women are notorious for having ideas about their wedding from the time they’re little girls all the way through their engagement. This movie focuses on a pair of best friends who are both planning their weddings at the same time. Ironically, this is way over the average wedding cost in 2019 and 2020, but it’s safe to say that a wedding in New York City will be more expensive than a wedding in other parts of the country, for sure.

Bride Wars is a fun romantic comedy, but let’s face it. Real wedding planning doesn’t go this way and there are far more hiccups than pictured in this film.

2. Bridesmaids – Total: $85,220

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There are few movies that have a wedding in them that are as iconic as Bridesmaids. From the humor to the grim reality of competing with friends for the bride-to-be’s attention, this movie does set the bar because there’s a happy ending. The girls work it all out amongst themselves, and Lillian has a beautiful wedding.

3. Sweet Home Alabama – Total $139,528

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Few movies feature a love story as notorious as Sweet Home, Alabama. The movie is relatable. So many people don’t necessarily want to draw on their background to create their future. Melanie is no different — she wants to create a new life for herself outside of her roots. But this movie just goes to show that planning your wedding means going back to your roots.

4. Sex and the City – Total $159,700

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Carrie is an icon among women. Her style, her attitude, and her lifestyle absolutely set the bar in terms of expectations when it comes to the kind of life we, as women, might lead in our 20s and early 30s. This wedding truly does blow the others out of the water as the total money spent comes out to nearly $160,000 — which is nearly $122,000 more than the average cost of a wedding in 2019.

Movie weddings help women all over figure out what their day could look like, but let’s face it. They aren’t reality. These iconic wedding movies shape expectations of women on their wedding day when we should be looking at what will make us the most happy on our “day”, rather than what Hollywood inspires.

There are so many movies that feature everlasting love stories it’s hard to pick just a few that change expectations of women everywhere. But with that being said, it is possible, and the folks at Shane Co made it happen by  pricing out weddings in iconic movies most pop culture junkies know super well.

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