Things that demand immediate attention the week after your wedding

There is more to wedding to-do lists than the checking of saying ‘I do.’ Your wedding high maybe still fresh, but there are many things that need to be attended to after the wedding so you can completely immerse yourself in the wedding high. Here is a list of things that you should check off your list within the first few days of your wedding so you can enjoy your wedding memories with no regrets.

Preserve your gown


You spent years dreaming of your perfect wedding gown, and weeks in selecting it. The wedding ceremony might have ended but that does not mean you completely forget about it. Save your precious wedding gown for posterity or handing down to your daughters later by getting it cleaned professionally. You can ask the store you bought your gown from for recommendations on cleaners and preservationists. Ask about the complete procedure, warranties, and price estimates before you hand out your gown for preservation.

Redistribute the wedding flowers and preserve your bouquet

woman holding bouquet of flowers over her face

The table decorations and floral displays that adorned your wedding venue will be a complete waste if you wait too long to manage them. You can ask your bridal party if they wish to take some home and donate the remaining to the venue. An alternate option is to donate these floral displays to local hospitals or charity. For your wedding bouquet, you can choose the press and frame option to flatten some blooms so the bouquet can be preserved in a vacuum sealed glass frame. Another method of preserving the flowers is by shadow box method to store the bouquet in its original shape.

Send out thank you notes


Your family and friends have traveled from distant places to be with you on your special day. They devoted their time and love to celebrate your happy moments and deserve to be thanked for it. Do not delay the task of sending the thank you notes for long and sit down with your partner to complete it as soon as possible after the wedding. While handwriting so many thank you notes can seem terrifying at first, make a daily chore of it and divide the work with your partner to complete them on time.

Order your wedding album


Once you have uploaded the digital photographs to social networks you might also need some solid memories to cherish of the day. This includes your wedding album, which may or may not be included in your photography package. While choosing from rolls of photographs may seem like a dreadful task, you can easily complete the selection process within 6 hours. Once you and your partner have decided on the type of album and number of pages it will hold, start sorting pictures in a smooth layout to create a dynamic flow that narrates the story of the day.

Manage your wedding registry

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Once you are done opening the gifts, you can start managing your registry for things you wanted but did not receive. Purchase the complete sets before the stocks run out by using your gift cards. Remember that these gift cards are only valid for about 30 days after the wedding, so act quickly to redeem them. Once you have done this take down the wedding website and registry from the web especially if you are paying to host it.

Change your name


If you have decided to change your name legally too, you will need your original wedding license with a raised seal and your new last name on it. Using the same, you can apply to get your name changed on your social security card, license, bank accounts and other legal documents. 

If you think that all the planning ends with the wedding day, you are in for a surprise. There are myriad things to be done and organized after the wedding and are best done within the first few weeks (or preferably days) after the wedding.

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