Tips for wedding day emergencies # 3

Broken Nail

Broken nails for sure will ruin everything: well we got a solution for that too.

Put some fast-fix glue to the nail break, and put some unused tea bag paper on the top: apply one more drop of the glue and let it dry: gently file the paper till you feel everything is okay: last of all finish it up with another drop of glue.

Swollen Eyes

Put your head over the pillow with a few inches slightly high which will help in draining away the blood vessels but if you feel that it is still not helping, wash them off with Visine and for the puffy feeling apply some cold, teabags but mind it they should be wet.

Shiny Face

Standing the whole day surely is a tough job and your skin needs some refreshing time to time: carry along a small pack of blotting papers, or a cotton handkerchief: don’t forget to pick up some loose powder and a puff.


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