Tips to Reduce Sweating on your D-Day

As your D-Day nears your heart starts throbbing fast. Would everything go well? How would you look on the special day? What if your makeup betrays you and you are left sloppy and greasy to the core? If you are in a place which is too humid or hot this question is one of the most crucial ones that may seem to haunt you. The situation worsens when you have your face fully spruced with makeup which tends to melt under the sweltering heat causing you to sweat. To avoid such disasters from striking you, take a glimpse at the following tips to sweat-free makeup.

Beauty Tips

Tinted Moisturizer: For those who have a dry skin and cannot do without applying some moisturizer beneath the makeup go for tinted moisturizers with a 15 or higher amount of SPF and shades that perfectly match you own skin tone. These moisturizers come with a tinge of color and work both as foundation as well as moisturizer.

Oil-Free Base

Oil-Free Base: Oil-free compacts are a rage in the summer seasons because of their tendency to remain drier than the traditional liquid foundation products. They are matte in appearance with less shine which nevertheless lends your face with just the gleam you need while soaking up the additional oil.

Carrying blotting paper

Blotting Papers– No, these are not those which soak up ink but special ones for your sweaty skin which you can use whenever you can to soak up the excess of oil from your skin. What’s more, these are handy and can be kept in your purse to be taken out and used whenever you feel your face turning a bit mushy.

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Powder: Instead of normal puffs which tend to make your makeup look a bit scaly apply loose powder by taking some amount on the tip of a brush and dab it on places which are more prone to be oily such as the neck, nose tip, forehead and chin.

If you still feel your makeup blotching, do not fret. Blend it well with the blotting tissues or your fingers and you will not feel the need to reapply the makeup. After all, who expects a dry, dehydrated face on a summer day? With a sweaty face you do not need to add more shine to your bridal makeup, so be happy and embrace it with aplomb.

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