How can I keep my wedding day makeup simple for a beach wedding?

I am really perturbed about my makeup for my wedding. My fiancée wants me to keep the makeup as simple as possible, whereas my aunt, who was a makeup artist in her 20s, has told me to take care of the touch ups every 20 minutes. When I discussed it with a makeup artist at a local salon, she advised that every touch up would be charged exclusive of the bridal makeup. In addition, my sister has bought some amazing range of cosmetics from Chanel, and she insists that she would help me get ready for my wedding. I am in a fix, as I am not able to decide a proper makeup for my wedding. I do not intend to just do what other say, because I am afraid, I might end up looking horrible with too much of makeup. Alternatively, since the wedding is going to be on a beach, I am supposed to choose from waterproof or long last formulated makeup. I have a dusky complexion, and I am going all bonkers thinking about my wedding day makeup. Can some professional makeup artist please advice, what should I do for my wedding day makeup? Thanks.

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