Wedding day tips for brides

bridal make up

To beat the exhausting wedding day reception, it is very important to check out all the details beforehand. Here are few quick tips for the bride to be the glam queen of the day:

1.Make-Up– Make sure to go for a mock wedding day trial before the final day. Try wearing all the necessary make-up, and stay on with it as long as you can, so that you have an idea when you have to redo the make-up session again. This will give you an exact idea of when you need to retire for freshening up.

2.Emergency Kit– It is always advisable to have an emergency kit ready incase you need more of the accessories. Stock in some safety pins, stockings, sets of pantyhose, aspirin, tissue papers, creams, and a mini-perfume too.

3.Food for the day: Its best to keep your diet light: some snacks will do for the day; you won’t be having enough time to enjoy the delicious meals.

4.Heels are strict no-no: Walking down the aisle with a pair of sexy heels on, is no doubt great, but if you have to be alive and kicking the whole day, change into some comfortable pair of sandals.


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