Wedding Traditions

Catholic Wedding Program

 hi!!! I m going to schedule my Catholic Wedding Program for my simple wedding this winter….can you suggest me some programmes to bring on more participation from the gathering apart from singing songs together…I want to add on fun element to

Catholic Wedding Ceremony planning….

 I m planning to have a simple Catholic Wedding Ceremony but does not know how to plan for it….It’s not the wedding decoration or the menu I m worried of..It’s the traditional style of oraganising it…I dont know the ceremonies our catholi

Asian Wedding (Indian)

hey all!!

alright i think i am too excited to write anything clearly but i wanna know all about it. my friend, who is a chinese, is all set to marry next month. since he is a chinese, his marriage too will be held according to the chinese tradi

Re-tying the knot: Few tips for renewing your wedding vows

In a world where marriages are falling apart on a daily basis, it is important to celebrate the fact that you and your partner have been together for a long time. Renewing your vows is a great way of celebrating togetherness and the fact that you have man

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