Re-tying the knot: Few tips for renewing your wedding vows

Renewal of wedding vows

In a world where marriages are falling apart on a daily basis, it is important to celebrate the fact that you and your partner have been together for a long time. Renewing your vows is a great way of celebrating togetherness and the fact that you have managed to stay together through thick and thin all these years is proof of a good and healthy marriage. A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a great way to show your spouse how much you are committed to the relationship, that you love him/her much more than you did all these years and how much growing together as a couple has been worthwhile. Whether it is 5, 10, or 50 years of marriage you are celebrating, deciding to renew your vows is a great way to reconnect and recommit with your spouse.

1. Pick a date

Once you have decided to throw a vow renewal ceremony, you need to decide on a date. It could be a date that has some meaning to both the husband and wife alike, for example, the day you first met, or your engagement anniversary or even your wedding anniversary. Make sure you pick a convenient day for your guests to attend. If it falls in the middle of a week, then it could cause inconvenience to people who are working.

Tip: You could pick the date you guys met or your anniversary. A date which means a lot to you both for whatever reason just to make it special. You need not stick to the date you guys got married. Just to keep it unique you could blend in the birthday dates and pick on. Like the month of the wife’s birthday and the day of the month of the husbands birthday.

2. Choose location

Choosing a location is a very important factor when it comes to planning a wedding vow renewal ceremony. Pick a place that means something to both of you like the church you were married in, the restaurant where you had your first date and so on. If this is inconvenient, you can always add that personal touch by having it in your own backyard. Be creative, but keep in mind the convenience level too.

Tip: Again while choosing a location as mentioned earlier it should be something special and romantic. A day which has had a special and cherished memory. You could take help from family and close friends. The location should be a place where the people you want can come. If it is going to be a small ceremony, just have it next to the house or in a church which holds memories.

3. Hosting

You could either decide to throw the renewal ceremony on your own or sometimes even the children arrange a party for the parents. The couples best man and maid of honor hosting the event on behalf of the couple, is a trend that is fast catching up. Either ways let the host know what your preferences are, to avoid any disappointment on the special day.

Tip: When you have decided who is hosting the party, you have to know that at the end of the day you are the one responsible for keeping the guests entertained. You have to know that the guests are there for you. It being your function you have to make sure that everyone gets to meet you and the host is thanked.

4. Officiating the ceremony

Renewal of vows is not a legally binding ceremony and so you can ask anyone to officiate it for you. You could be formal and have a priest, rabbi or clergyman do the honors or if it’s is a more laid back approach you prefer, ask a close friend, a relative or even your children to do it for you. The most significant part of the ceremony is the vows and you just need someone to do basic introduction after which you can repeat your vows.

Tip: It is a very special moment when someone you love would carry out the officiate the ceremony for you. Renewing your vows is a great thing. Pick that person you want and let it be someone who has always been there irrespective of anything.

5. Details

The bride and groom can either choose to dress formally with the bride wearing her original wedding gown or dress down a bit with something in white or ivory. The decorations need not be grand but elegant and minimal. Party favors are not a must, but if you feel generous, you could throw in something personal. If you are holding a big party, then hiring a caterer would be a good idea. But understand that it is different from a wedding party. You do not need to shell out a lot of money like a wedding ceremony.

Tip: Keep a track of the intimate details and make sure you make a decision you do not regret. You must know that the renewal of vows is a ceremony which is actually a personal affair and that it should be all about you and your husband. The minutest of details should be taken into consideration.

6. Procedure

At a vow renewal ceremony vows are exchanged with each other. You can either choose to recite the same vows you said back then or to make the renewal session much more personal, you could write a new set of vows, on how exactly you feel at the moment. The vows are then followed by a ring exchange, again it depends on your choice. You could exchange the same rings once again or get a new pair of wedding bands with a sweet message. If you want a small speech to be delivered by someone close, like your children or best friends, do it after the ring exchange.

Tip: The procedure is way different than that of the wedding. It would be people probably never made it to your wedding. You would have so many special people you came across afterwards. Make sure the procedure goes of smoothly.

7. Celebration

You should decide the budget of the ceremony. Whether you want to invite the guests or keep it a simple affair. There are options – from an intimate dinner for two at your favorite restaurant to a fun barbecue in your backyard to a much elaborate banquet hall with a dinner and a DJ to dance the night away. Have a cake and lots of champagne for toasts. Play the song that you danced to for the first time as husband and wife and cherish each and every moment with your family and loved ones. Don’t forget to arrange for a photographer to capture all the right moments.

Tip: Celebrating the next best thing in your life is up to you and you should know what you want from the start. Who you want there should be clear to you and partner. You could either have it as a huge function inviting everyone you have ever known. You should not leave out anyone you have come to know in recent times. Those who were there for your wedding would surely not mind not being invited.

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