Why a Destination Wedding is a Good Idea


Many couples dream to have a destination wedding, go to an exotic location and exchange their vows to make it special. What makes it more special is that it isn’t just a wedding anymore, it’s more of a vacation for the couple, the family and even the guests; thus, falling under the category of couple vacations that everyone involved would remember for years to come.


Destination weddings involve choosing a place and travelling to the place to get married. Basically you get married on a foreign land, but it does not necessarily have to be outside of your country. It can just be outside of your city as well where everyone stays at a resort or hotel and enjoy wedding festivities.

People often think that a destination wedding is costly but that’s not true. In fact, it’s the other way around, consider it a wedding plus honeymoon trip and it suddenly looks like a great way to save money.

Mostly, only families and a handful of close friends are invited. This is because you will be paying for all the expenses, so you need to be very careful about how many people you invite. All the arrangements also have to be made accordingly.

You should book a resort as resorts offer a lot of fun activities and everyone involved will have fun at your wedding. Other than this, you can also host a wedding party after your big day to make it super special.

Here’s more to why a destination wedding is a good idea:

Fun For Everyone

We know that traditional weddings done in a simple way can bore many guests because there’s not much to do but just have conversations with one another. However, destination weddings aren’t like that.

Firstly, travelling itself is an adventure not only for the couple but the guests well. Secondly, it’s a vacation for them too!

They get to enjoy the beautiful place and have a good time. If you want to make it more special then planning a destination wedding at a luxurious place such as a resort can do wonders.

There is so much to do on a resort, from water sports to rich foods, and from enjoying the sights to spending time in the Jacuzzis.

All in all, destination weddings are fun for all.

It Can Be Affordable


Destination wedding may sound like an expensive idea, but if done right it can be quite affordable. A regular wedding is not very cheap. We know that decoration costs a lot, then you have to spend on clothes, food etc.

Now think of a destination wedding. You do not have to worry about decorations in case of a destination wedding because the place itself is no less than a mirage of beauty if you carefully choose the place.

Other than that, the couple can hit two birds with one stone as a destination wedding accounts for both a dread wedding and a lavish honeymoon. You do not have to go on a holiday for a week, a 2 day trip can be fun as well, and choose a destination that is easy and affordable to fly to.

Overall, it can be quite affordable if you plan properly and in advance.


Destination weddings can be stress free. You can hire planners to plan the whole wedding for you including booking resorts and taking care of the menu.

However, even if there are no planners, you will not be much stressed about things. The biggest worry is about leaving an impression on everyone, but when you opt for a destination wedding that thing is taken care of as a destination wedding in itself is a big event.

The Verdict


These points highlight why a destination wedding is a better choice and should be opted for.

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