Wondering How To Deal With Wedding Fever? Here Are Some Easy Tips

Wedding Fever

Right when you hit your 20s, you soon realize that your childhood is long quite over, and adulthood is now dwelling upon you. Adulthood brings with it career choices, priority on relationships, and maturity. And bills!  However, if you wish to successfully get past your early adulthood, you need to learn how to deal with wedding fever.

Understanding wedding fever:

Wedding Fever

Wedding fever is nothing but you obsessing about having your own wedding and looking forward to it even before there are any signs that it could happen. It gets worse when all your friends are getting married and having babies. Wedding fever usually sets in anywhere during one’s mid-20s to mid-30s, although it can even happen sooner or later.

It can happen to men and women alike. Wedding fever may happen to couples in long-term relationships and even to people who have been single all their life. This emotion gets all the more intense when your partner, if any, shows little to no signs of getting married and settling down.

What are the signs that you are falling prey to wedding fever?

Wedding Fever

If you find yourself doing any or all of these things, you can rest assured that you are giving in to wedding fever. It is important to learn how to deal with wedding feverbefore any of these signs get to your head.

  • You tend to get all sentimental whenever you attend a wedding and witness the couple saying their vows. Heck, it could even happen while you are watching a wedding scene on TV!
  • You are dropping hints all over the place for your partner to pick up and propose to you. You leave no stone unturned in expressing your desire for a wedding even if they seem to pay no heed.
  • You are taking notes to plan your wedding. You are keeping an eye out for the best of caterers, decorators, designers, and even wedding cake makers to finalize for your wedding.
  • You start worrying about your biological clock ticking away and fear that you won’t have kids in time. This is one of the most overlooked of all wedding fever signs.

What are the effects of wedding fever on relationships?

wedding-feverMany people fall so deep into their wedding fever that they absolutely forget to enjoy the current scenario and live in the present moment. They have no knowledge as to how to deal with wedding fever. At this given time, you may be at college, university, single, or in a trustworthy relationship with an amazing person all while you are struggling with wedding fever.

However, all these phases have plenty of exclusive perks of their own. If you are intending to while away all your romantic time with a big fat wedding on your head, how are you going to strengthen your relationship? Spend more time with your friends, parents, and S/O before you finally get married one day.

While you are still in college, enjoy your carefree college days. And the same applies to when you are single. You may be spilling your wedding fever signs all over the place, but a wedding will happen when it has to happen with the right person of your choice. Until then, don’t let the effects of wedding fever on relationships spoil them.

How can you get rid of wedding fever?


Sometimes, people dot understand how to deal with wedding fever. Even so, addressing this issue is important lest you wish for it to take a toll on your personal life.

  • Be sure of the direction your life is moving in. Many times, we don’t trust the process and end up stressing ourselves out for no reason.
  • Don’t rush into a marriage by giving into your wedding fever. A wedding lasts a day, a marriage lasts longer. Take time to get to know the person even when someone explicitly expresses the desire to marry you.
  • Just because your long-term partner is not agreeing to settle down with you right away doesn’t mean they don’t intend to do so. Financial stability plays an important role here, and unless the two of you don’t achieve some financial stability, it is nearly impossible to live a happy married life.
  • Have a long-term plan regarding your career and focus on it each day. It will allow you a clear head to see things straight without your wedding fever getting in the way and get rid of wedding fever soon enough.


True that not everyone falls prey to wedding fever, but it is extremely natural. However, make sure that you educate yourself on how to deal with wedding fever. Also, wedding fever is not just limited to women alone and men are equally vulnerable in this aspect. Remember that no matter how much you obsess over your wedding or marriage, it will only happen when the time is right.

So, instead of dwelling on something that is yet to happen in the future, focus on making your present life better. Invest in your romantic relationship right now so that when the two of you decide on the wedding and walk down the path of marriage, it will be nothing but blissful.

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