8 Fun and Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Getaway Car

From selecting wedding dresses to decoration at the venue, you’d certainly have put a great effort to make it your wedding an unforgettable affair. So, why not make your reception exit even more memorable? There are many couples around the world who line up an amazing getaway car for their reception exit and to head out for their honeymoon, meanwhile guests at the venue happily depart the newlyweds before leaving the venue.

Why a getaway car?

Well, leaving your reception in a flower-decorated car is an age-old tradition. This is because it does not jut a wedding exit, but your getaway car showcases your personal taste in vehicles and sense of style. For instance, a motorcycle-loving couple would definitely love to leave their wedding venue in a cool motorbike. Likewise, a vintage vehicle like Rolls Royce or a horse-drawn carriage will be a perfect getaway car for those who dream of a classic-style wedding.

Furthermore, couples also love decorating their getaway cars with flowers to give a refreshing star to their married life. Besides flowers, wedding getaway cars can also be embellished with beautiful hand-calligraphed signs, floral garlands, hued tin cans and rustic cowboy boots.

But if you’re still confused what sort of getaway car will look good outside your reception doors, here are some cool and creative ideas to make your wedding departure remarkably exceptional.

  1. Vespa getaway

Love classic two-wheeler? Then a cool Vespa getaway vehicle is a perfect departure automobile for your wedding. Imagine bride and groom coasting away from their reception on a classic Vespa that;s decked with flowers and “Just Married” flags. The Vespa will indeed be a reflection of their love for two-wheeler vehicle and carefree nature of the couple.

  1. Horse-drawn carriage

A horse-drawn carriage will give a perfect closure to your dream fairytale wedding. While your prince charming cannot come riding a white horse in today’s digital world, but he can surely take you away from the rest of the world in a beautiful carriage drawn by a horse – just like a classic movie scene.

  1. Venture away in a trolley

A trolley full of bridesmaids and groom’s best men is another great and memorable way to depart from the wedding venue. The couple’s friends welcome the two with flowers and goodies into the trolley that’s ready to take them away for a romantic getaway.

  1. Head out on a bike

Head out on a bike

This one is a great option for bike lovers who are even concerned about the environment as well. They can head out of their wedding venue and depart on flower-adorned bicycles – either two separate bicycles or a single one for the more romantic gesture.

  1. Roll out in Rolls Royce

Add some luxury to your wedding departure with a vintage Rolls Royce, which can be decked up in a floral wreath and other embellishments.

  1. Motorcycle and sidecar

What could be more romantic for motorcycle enthusiasts to depart from their reception venue in a cool motorcycle and a side car? This unique getaway car will depict their love for motorbikes and nomadic lifestyle.

  1. Romantic getaway in a caravan

Speaking of nomadic lifestyle, a flower adorned caravan is another great option for a getaway car. This is a perfect vehicle that the newlyweds can take anywhere they want to and enjoy honeymoon while exploring new places around the same or any other country.

  1. Flower-adorned row boat

For the love of the sea, a perfect wedding departure will be in a cute little row boat. A flower-adorned row boat will make the wedding exit one of the favorite moments of your wedding.

Port-wedding getaway car showcased one of the romantic components of and wedding celebration while representing the couple’s personal sense of style.

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