Budget Friendly Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece
Wedding ceremony is one in a life event so everyone aspires to make it a grand one. In any wedding ceremony, centerpieces plays a very important role in setting vibe at your receptions. In modern times there are designers who take care of every minute aspect of a wedding and you need not worry much about wedding arrangements and decorations. However, not all can afford a designer wedding where everything can be left to the imagination of the designer. Here are some wonderful pocket friendly centerpiece ideas that can make your guests squeal in delight.

1. Huge Bouquets

Centerpieces are placed at the center of each guest table. They are kept there to make a mark and create a delightful place for your guests to have their food. Because of this fact, a huge centerpiece can definitely make a mark on your guests. You need not spend a whole lot of money on this. Big bunches of baby’s Breath would make a wonderful bouquet which can be place in the middle of the table. You can add some roses to the bouquet for the head table to make it more attractive.

2. Gardenia Bushes

Gardenia bushes can make amazing floaters when placed on a bowl. The bowl can be placed on a beautifully decorated or a carved pedestal. You may use plain pedestal and add small details like a satin bow to give that extra elegance while placing the gardenia bush on the bowl. Make sure that you do not touch the petals of Gardenia as they will turn yellow and spoil the look.

3. Fruit Decorations

Inexpensive and colorful fruits can be tastefully decorated to form great centerpieces. Fruits can be selected according to the color scheme of the wedding hall and can be arranged or stacked up on a glass bowl or on a pedestal stand. Plums, pears, lemon, apples, oranges, strawberries, figs, cherries, berries- all are wonderful fruits that can be used for making a perfect wedding centerpiece.

4. Raw Cranberries

Cranberries are a festive fruit and you can make a good use of them by making a beautiful centerpiece to display on your table. They will not only look beautiful but will also serve the purpose of filling the flower vase.To go with a purple wedding theme and cake, you may use raw cranberries. Stack them or arrange them around a beautiful glass bowl amidst flowers and ribbons. You may also use cranberries for flower arrangements to make them look like trees baring flowers and fruits.

5. Bougainvillea Centerpieces

Bougainvillea comes in a variety of delightful shades. They can be used tastefully in combination or individually to create wonderful and huge centerpieces. You can use shallow bowls or dishes and arrange the branches on an oasis or make a bouquet with bougainvillea and other flowers.

6. Flower Arrangements

Flowers like magnolia, hydrangea, azaleas, dogwood blooms etc. are wonderful flowers that can be used for centerpiece arrangements. The great thing about these flowers is that you do not need much imagination for arranging them tastefully as they look beautiful anyway you put them. Flower arrangements are the most famous arrangements and are used in almost every wedding ceremony.

7. Glass jars

Glass jars of any shape and size can be used for making stunning centerpieces. All you need to do is to get as many glass jars in various sizes and tulle or satin cloth which will go with your color scheme. Now, you can place the right size of fabric flat on the table and place the glass jar on top. Gather the fabric around the jar and put a rubber bad or tie the end of the fabric with a satin ribbon. Make beautiful bow with the satin and twist the ribbon so that graceful curls can cascade down the jar. You can fluff the top part of the fabric a little bit and place flowers on the glass jar.

8. Branches and leaves

With a bit of imagination, you can even make centerpieces with branches and leaves from your backyard. Collect a few and paint them in gold or yellow. Place them on glass jars or shallow plates of vases and add the dry leaves as will to the branches. Paint the leaves to make them look more vibrant. You may add fruits like blueberries on the branches if they have thorns that can hold them.

9. Floating candles

Floating candles are excellent centerpieces as they can lighten up the whole atmosphere and exude enough warmth if it is particularly cold out there. Place them on a glass bowl and add some floating blooms to create an exquisite centerpiece. You can sprinkle some glitter on top as well. The atmosphere around the table will become relaxed and peaceful. Also, the floating candles will cost you very less but will completely serve the purpose.

10. Petal centerpieces

Rose petal centerpieces are considered very romantic and are simply one of the most beautiful decorations you can use to increase the beauty and class of your wedding reception. You can use them on a bowl of water to glitters sprinkled on top and form a beautiful atmosphere around the table. You can also use the petals by spreading them on the center of the table. Similarly, you may also use hibiscus blooms for making a centerpiece. Rose petals can be of any color and infect, you can also use different colored rose petals.

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