Amazing Tips to Plan a Memorable Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Imagining your wedding as a fairy tale…white, grand and beautiful? Well, why not? A wedding ceremony is the best event of one’s life and it starts with a perfect location followed by the ceremony. The beauty of an outdoor wedding lies in the view. Apart from allowing you to mingle with nature it is far better than decorating the venue. The open air splendor is bursting with a lot of possibilities as it can range from a weekend getaway to a nearby serene hill station or a poolside. If you are a country life lover then woods or the countryside, a theme centered quiet garden wedding, the luxurious beach wedding or a small church wedding with a grand reception might be a great option for you. The charm of nature will mark your wedding day and will make it a memorable stepping stone in your beautiful married life.

However, this is not easy as it may look. A wedding in the lap of mother earth and not anticipating the unpredictable will make the best laid plans go awry! Nothing much to worry about as there are plenty of simple ideas that can keep you cool and calm on your D day.

1. View and Weather

In an outdoor wedding, the first and foremost thing is the right location keeping in mind the weather conditions and securing the same. It is advisable that one should inquire about permits. While zeroing down your desired spot, privacy should be of utmost importance. Another important thing to consider is your dress, so you should avoid chiffon and china silk in your wedding dress. Obviously you would never like unnecessary noise, unwanted people or other distractions to interrupt your wedding. There should be perfect arrangements for a beautiful marquee so that people coming to the wedding ceremony don’t end struggling with gusting winds.

2. Decorations

The gravy of an outdoor locale is the natural beauty. But even then there are arrangements to be made. Flowers and a few other subtle decorating stuff can always be used to enhance the beauty of the venue. Visit the venue beforehand to check if everything is in order and the landscaping is in good shape. An arch or trellis should be decorated in a way to focus the ceremony. Surrounded trees should be stringed with beautiful lights and luminaries. Arrangement of things must be according to the weather conditions.

3. Time

Time is one of the most important factors while planning your wedding. Try to avoid noon, when the sun and humidity are both at their peak and shade is at a premium. Instead, consider a sunset ceremony. As the sun goes down, heat and humidity will go with it, leaving plenty of shade and comfort. If something reverse happens suddenly, then you should be well prepared for all sorts of windy conditions.

4. Accessibility

Look in, if there is a convenient parking or not. If not, then either book a parking lot nearby or provide a shuttle service from a nearby point of gathering. Also you should ask for your Municipal Corporation department about the permit for an outdoor wedding. Everything related to trash removal and candle lighting facility must be asked from the concerned people in the area.

5. Comfort for Guests

It is the most important thing that one should look up to. Ample sitting arrangements is a must so that almost all the guests are seated while you are exchanging vows. Consider having a variety of hydrating drinks like lemonade, soft drinks, tea, coffee or fruit punches since alcohol is dehydrating. Do not forget to mention about the type of dresses in the invitation cards, if you have planned a theme oriented wedding. Well-informed guests are happy guests.

6. Recourse Plan of Action

In case of hindered weather conditions, it is essential to have a backup plan in order to avoid chaos and confusion. Be sure to prepare a banquet hall so that if the weather changes, the guests can always move indoors. Also make sure that the service providers for the event also have their back-up plans ready.

7. Can Everyone Hear?

It is advisable that one should look in for rental sound systems so that the process of ceremony can be heard. Consider having collar mikes for the priest, bride and the groom so that while exchanging vows it is audible to the guests.

8. An Appropriate Attire

It is essential to dress appropriately irrespective of the weather. You should choose a wedding gown made up of light and cool material. The make-up should also be light so that it makes you glow instead of making you sweat.

9. Menu

Keep the menu simple. Make sure that you have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that guests who are vegetarian do not face trouble with food. Make sure there is ample supply of water and beverages to keep everyone hydrated.

10. Cake and Favors

Make the cake last as the icing of the cake is bound to melt if kept outdoors. Opt for fondant cakes. You need to thank your guests who took out time to make your wedding a memorable day. Keep the gifts basic and simple like small pots of plants or a box of assorted chocolates. You can also add some more choice to your wedding cake by having some more stuff like shaved ice, sorbet, apple cobbler and cookies.

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