Best corsets for wedding dresses

Corsets are very popular as they hold and give a definite silhouette to the torso. Corsets can do wonders, when worn inside any type of attire. However, for wedding dresses, corsets play a significant role to make you look stunning and well proportionate in the wedding gown, as the memories and the photographs are going to last your lifetime. Corsets give the desired curves irrespective of the body type. Corsets can accentuate the thinner waistlines to make it look like a dream figure. But it’s very important for find the right corset to give you the picture perfect look in your wedding dress. Here are the 10 best corsets for wedding dresses to make you shine bright as a modern bodylicious bride.

1. Front closure silhouette maker – 386

Price: $28.54 – $48.00

Front closure silhouette maker

The Carnival silhouette maker is designed for you to flaunt your bare back to make you even more beautiful and sensuous on your special day. The silhouette maker is a beautiful long line bra to give you the perfect silhouette on your big day. The carnival silhouette maker will make you appear slimmer and sexier with your wedding dress. The sculptured lace construction of the corset is smooth and gives you the perfect fit. The underwire cups and light boning create beautiful cleavage line and midsection to make you look super hot as you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress.


Perfect with the low back design for backless wedding dresses along with removable garters, the silhouette maker by Carnival bridal bras collection is to accentuate your curves to make you look slim and sexy in your wedding dress. Silhouette maker is a strapless braselette, made of sculptured lace with front zipper. The zipper has the hook and eyes closure to secure it. The light boning is to flatter your midsection by slimming it down. The underwire cups are fiber filled to enhance the cleavage. Silhouette maker also has the removable garters.

Pros & Cons

Silhouette maker by carnival is perfect for the backless or low back wedding dresses.

2. Carnival satin torsolette bridal corset

Price: $32.20 – $55.00

Carnival satin torselette bridal corset

Satin torsolette bridal corset by Carnival is to make you appear sizzling hot in wedding dress. The satin torsolette bridal corset makes you look slimmer on the waist and flattens the stomach while curving the hips. Carnival torsolette will give you a great silhouette to dazzle on your special day. Satin torselette bridal corset will work as a magic wand inside your wedding dress, as you bask in the glory of being the stylish and sexy bride. You can bare your back and flaunt it with confidence without getting worried about your bra strap being visible as Carnival torsolette bridal corset has a low back line.


Satin torsolette bridal corset by Carnival is a strapless long line bra made of trilobal double knit nylon for a smooth fitting. The kodel fiber filled cups will give you a sensuous cleavage line and the unique construction of the bridal corset will give you the perfect silhouette. Light boning accentuates the body by sculpting it into a curvaceous one. The bridal corset has a full figure cut and removable garters.

Pros & Cons

Carnival satin torsolette bridal corset is to get the appearance of the perfectly sculpted body by slimming the waistline, flattening the stomach, flattering the hips and accentuating the cleavage line.

3. Q-T Bustier white 36B

Price: $24.99

Q-T bustier white 36B

If you don’t want to go for elaborate bridal corsets, then pick up this simple Q-T bridal corset bustier in white. The bridal corset with bustier bra will accentuate your curves and give a definite shape to your bridal dress. Lightly padded, soft and smooth, with boning down side, the bustier bra corset will make you look sexier and curvy on your big day.


Q-T bustier corset in white is simple yet capable to give you the perfect shape for your wedding dress. The corset has the removable strap and add width insert to fit you perfectly. Available in various sizes, the corset with bustier bra can be worn with almost types of wedding dresses.

Pros & Cons

Simple Q-T bustier corset will define your body with a more sensuous and curvy silhouette without going to elaborate on corsets.

4. Ruffled bustier

Price: $31.04 – $54.49

Ruffled bustier

Laces and ruffles are smooth and romantic. Lace gives you a very special feeling, so does this ruffled bustier corset. With beautiful and elegant lace overlay, the ruffled bustier will make you look curvaceous and sensuous as you will take your wedding vows. The ruffled bustier will make you look slimmer on your waistline and will give you a sumptuous cleavage line. The ruffled bustier will create the perfect posture and torso for you to steal the show, very rightfully on the most special day of your life.


The ruffled corset includes a bustier, thong and stockings. The ruffled bustier is lightly padded and underwire to give you the right amount of support and push to get the super sexy cleavage and has a beautiful ruffled lace hemline to it. With a stretched mesh back, secured with a hook and eye closure, the ruffled bustier corset will enhance the silhouette of your wedding dress to a new level. The bustier corset has removable shoulder and garter strap for you to decide as per the pattern of your wedding dress, whether you want them or not.

Pros & Cons

The bustier corset is beautiful and sexy with lace overlay and ruffled hemline to make you feel nice and beautiful about as a bride.

5. Strapless bridal corset

Price: $60.95

Strapless bridal corset

The sexy and stylish, floral strapless corset will make you a diva bride, stealing the thunders with your super sensuous looks. The strapless bridal corset is perfect to give a sensuous silhouette to your strapless wedding dress by making your cleavage line more intense and beautiful. The cinching lace back gives the beautiful base to enhance the beauty of your wedding dress.


The beautiful and seductive floral tapestry strapless corset has the gorgeous Venice trim for the defined picture perfect silhouette. With front open, the corset is secured with hook and eye. The strapless bridal corset has removable, adjustable garters. The beautiful bridal corset comes with a thong panty to avoid the embarrassing panty lines through your wedding dress to make you an immaculately dressed bride.

Pros & Cons

The floral tapestry strapless corset with Venice trim will give you the sumptuous silhouette to flaunt in your wedding dress on your big day.

6. Romantic hearts bridal corset

Price: $60.95

Romantic hearts bridal corset

Wedding is all about love and romance. Add the romantic flavor to your corset also with the stylish and beautiful strapless bridal corset with lace up back in heart cut out. Flirty and sensuous, Romantic Hearts corset by Daisy is to make you a sumptuous bride with the sexy curves.


Romantic Hearts bridal corset has a lace up back for the delicate feminine base for your wedding dress. The corset is secured with front hook and eye closure. The back has a beautiful heart cut out for the light romantic touch to your wedding corset. The bridal corset by Daisy has removable and adjustable garters. The matching thong is to give you the sexy look from the back without the embarrassing and odd panty lines.

Pros & Cons

Romantic Hearts bridal corset by Daisy has a very flirty and light romantic appeal with a heart cut out in the laced back.

7. Bridal corset – boned satin & lace

Price: $65.99 – $69.99

Bridal corset - Boned satin & lace

Corsets are an integral part of a bridal wardrobe to get the sensuous and picture perfect silhouette. Corsets not only give the beautiful and stunning shape to the body, they also create the perfect base for the wedding attire to bring out the best of the fabric.

White satin corset with pristine white lace overlay gives a perfect lining to the wedding dress along with the curvy shape.


The satin corset with lace overlay is beautiful and romantic with oodles of sensuality to make you a stylish and gorgeous bride. The front hook and eye closures secure the corset. The laced up back adds up to the glamor of your corset. Boning makes you look slimmer and sexier with a thin waistline along with accentuated hips and enhanced cleavage line. The satin corset has removable garters and straps to team with any type of wedding dress, strapless or strapped.

Pros & Cons

The satin corset with lace overlay in white is beautiful and can be teamed up any white wedding dress to flatter your body.

8. Carnival women’s invisible torsolette

Price: $48.75 – $75.00

Carnival women's invisible torsolette

The full figure, invisible torsolette by Carnival is the perfect corset to get a sensuous dream silhouette for your wedding dress on your big day. The invisible torselette has light boning that slims and cinches the waist. The invisible torsolette makes the body look more curvaceous with fuller hips and flattened stomach. The invisible torsolette by Carnival does not create any patterned lining for the wedding dress, as it doesn’t have any overlay.


The invisible Carnival corset is made of microfiber skin for the invisible look. The corset has the molded cups, which have hidden underwire that creates a smooth contour even under the sheerest of the wedding gowns. The invisible corset by Carnival can be worn with traditional wedding dresses, crisscross or halter necklines or even with strapless wedding gowns as it has removable straps. The corset comes with the adjustable and removable garters.

Pros & Cons

The invisible corset by Carnival is perfect to be worn with any conventional or modern wedding dress, as it is made of microfiber skin with molded cups to make it invisible in the sheer wedding dresses as well.

9. Dominique longline strapless torsolette bra

Price: $50.00 – $53.00

Dominique longline strapless torsolette bra

The longline strapless torsolette by Dominique is sexy and super sensuous. The beautiful and romantic ultra-sheer lace makes it perfect to be adorned on your big day with your wedding outfit. The torsolette has the shimmery nylon on the front panel as well as on the bust line. It has very light lining for concealment. The boning of the corset will bring out your sexy best in your wedding dress by making you slim on the waist line and accentuating on the hips and bust.


The strapless torsolette by Dominique is seamed and has underwire cups to enhance your cleavage line. It has the firm mesh wings and the detailing of floral appliqué with the rhinestone on the center makes it sexy and romantic. The torsolette is secured with a hook and eye closure on the back and has removable garter straps.

Pros & Cons

The longline torsolette by Dominique is perfect for any strapless wedding dress to bring out the seductive figure to the world as you walk down the aisle confidently.

10. Burlesque corset and skirt set

Price: $59.12 – $77.62

Burlesque corset and skirt set

Burlesque strapless corset can be used with your wedding outfit as well as can be adorned on your wedding night, as it has a very sexy, flirty skirt with it. The sumptuous corset set by Burlesque will make you look like a diva with a hot well tones body. The corset will hide all the extra ounces of your waistline, making it look firmer and slimmer. The bust line will be accentuated to create an intense and seductive cleavage line. Once you are done with the wedding, just add up the skirt to spice it up in the intimate moments of your wedding night.


The corset set by Burlesque is adorned with bow accents and is secured with hidden side hook and eye closure. The corset has a lace-up back. The corset comes with matching thong to bid-adieu to ugly panty lines and the spicy skirt adds oodles of sex-appeal to the corset.

Pros & Cons

The corset set by Burlesque is flirty, sensuous and romantic with bow accents and the skirt.

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