5 Wedding music mistakes wedding planners should avoid

Wedding music mistakes

Hiring a wedding planner can address most of your worries but only proper co-ordination and supervision of wedding planner’s work can lead you to a foolproof wedding. Weddings are particularly most sensitive events when it comes to the selection of music. Music sways the celebration mood further. Double check the selection of music your wedding planners make. Listed here, are the most common wedding mistakes wedding planner tend to make.

1. Separate corner for DJ and dance floor

Separation of entertainment section like DJ or rock band from the dance floor impedes both. Event manager should avoid placing both of these platforms next to each other. It obstructs DJ to done proper mixing and play the quality music that bound the audience to tap their feet on the floor in the tune of sound. It is very important to make the placement that band performers or DJ would be able to make direct eye contact with the public so that they swing the guests to mesmerizing music.

2. Silence isn’t beautiful

Music is the most important enhancement of any event, especially weddings. Every wedding ceremony needs different flavour of music and the selection of music sets the mood for what the evenings going to feel like. On the arrival of guests you need to have music playing. It can be done by a hired musician or DJ playing pre-recorded music ranging from classical to hip-hop or possibly that suits to the situation.

3. Avoid genre specific music

Variation in music is harbinger of enthusiasm and vibration in human body. So the music that is being played in wedding ceremony should be ranging from oldies to romantic flicks. If it would be versatile it will definitely work and will be preferred by the party animals. If it would be stuck up around any theme it will become tiresome for the guests and fade out the charm of the event. Music should be carefully played because it can enhance the quality of any ceremony manifold or else it can be only reason for overall detriment if disturbed. In general the rule for music entertainers is, play a great mix, everyone has fun!

4. Planning is necessary

Everything should be pre planned and run according to the time schedule. The dance floor has to be cleared to avoid any inconveniences to the guests. If the bride and groom would be interrupted in every next second by the DJ or party revelers they won’t be able to enjoy the evening at the fullest and lose the golden opportunity to converse and enjoy photo session. The music played should be soothing and soul touching. Traditional events on traditional music should be planned back to back, it generally works much better. The dance session for family members should also take place patiently wherein guests and couple can groove and shake their waist. The music station operator should avoid play remixes at such moments instead he can play light and wedding tracks.

5. Special dance at special time

Guests should get sufficient time and place to eat and dance. When they are having their meal they shouldn’t get hampered by the dancing people and vice versa. The instrumental suits to dinner while hip hop and fast tracks on dance floor. It should not be mingled. It is much better to save some special eye catching moments to be left for post-dinner. They should be organised in special time so that it attracts everyone’s attention and also everyone can enjoy and shoot the memories. This would be awkward if guests are eating or conversing and pertinent people are dancing and nobody is paying any heed to what they are doing.

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