10 Great advices for newlywed couples

Although it is said that marriages are made in heaven, but this is a tie of love, respect and commitment. Moreover, marriage is not only the union of two persons, but the relationship of two families, cultures and customs. Therefore, the slightest mistake made in marriage can turn out to be enormous and can make the relationship vulnerable. Do not feel panicked if you are heading towards your marriage. But handle the relationship wisely and you can make your marriage a successful one. Here are ten great advices for newly wed couple which will definitely benefit you.

1. Unravel all your hidden expectations

Unravel all your hidden expectations

When you plan to enter into a marital relationship, you have certain preset considerations in your mind. You might think of behaving in this way and doing that thing, all of which aim at a fabulous marriage. You might in turn expect similar such things from your spouse. Unfortunately, after the marriage you might discover that things are exactly not as you have thought of and start thinking that your marriage might be at stake in days to come. This is absolutely wrong and you must realize that there is nothing as cent percent compatibility. Instead, you must be logical and look for maximum compatibility.

2. Talk about your preferences calmly

Talk about your preferences calmly

For most of the couples, a gap gets created in between due to lack of communication and hidden expectations. None of the couples think they are happy, but hesitate to relate their needs and wants to their partners. You must always be frank about all these. In this regard, you must always remember to be calm, logical and polite when talking to your spouse regarding your expectations.

3. Be a patient listener

Be a patient listener

Give equal preference to your spouse to relate his or her own problems, expectations and needs too. Never be over active speaker every time and sometimes be a silent listener too. Listen attentively to what he or she says without interrupting and interfering when not desired. This is the crucial factor on which the fate of marriages lie.

4. Do not intrude too much into each other’s space

Do not intrude too much into each other’s space

Marriage never means that you have won a property. So, successfully married couples are those who recognize and respect each other’s privacy. You must realize that each of you has a separate personal and professional identity other than only being married couples. So, do not jeopardize into one another’s territory unnecessarily as that can only aggravate the tensions and misunderstandings in between both of you.

5. Continue being what you are

Continue being what you are

If you are tying the wedlock after a courtship period or a love affair, then it is evident that there must have been something that attracted your spouse towards you. It might be your friendly attitude or your bubbly nature or something else. Thus, your duty will be to retain your ownself and not change yourself overnight as soon as you get married. Your spouse will have a hard time to identify with the situation if you cease being what you are after marriage.

6. Divide your domestic chores

Divide your domestic chores

The initial battle between the newly wed couples starts from the domestic chores. Each one tries to pass the buck to the other and escape doing these essential domestic works. But let us be wise. Divide the domestic chores between you two and try to complete your part of the work ever day without any complaint. You will be saved from regular household strife.

7. Manage your money

Manage your money

Finance is another great catalyst that makes marriage a battleground. While many a times both of you or either of you might end up spending lots of bucks uselessly, you might face financial crisis at the end of the month. Instead, sit together and categorize the areas that demand money deposits every month, such as EMI payments, recurring deposits, etc. and the amount needed to run your house. You will never face cash crunch if you do so.

8. Fight out stress together

Fight out stress together

It is very common that life can suddenly become professionally and financially stressful sometimes after the marriage. But this is not a period to lament in solitude. Rather, be at each others side and work out ways to get out of stress in a logical way.

9. Learn from your mistakes

Learn from your mistakes

The best way to improve your marital relationship is to learn from your mistakes. Once you do something wrong and get heavily paid for that, never repeat it again. Instead, think of ways to avoid such wrong doings in future. Moreover, it is also important to acknowledge your fault too.

10. Indulge into romance

Indulge into romance

There is nothing wrong in loving your partner too much or fantasizing about him or her or missing him or her too much when the person is not around. This is the vital attribute that will keep your marriage forever new.

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