10 Modern wedding gown trends

Wedding gown

Wedding requires a lot of preparation and perfect planning to make it memorable. For a bride the most essential part of the wedding preparation is the wedding gown itself. In the initial days, the color of the wedding gown remained restricted to white and off white. The scenario has changed now. The wedding gowns are bow available in varied styles to fit and suit each body type. The color selection has also moved beyond white. Here we have listed some modern wedding gown trends. Read on and select the best for your wedding.

1. Bridal gowns with long sleeves

Traditional bridal gowns never had sleeves. They were always off shoulders or simple bustier. But the modern style emphasize more on long sleeved wedding gowns. It adds gracefulness to the wedding attire. The sleeve can be left lose, puffed or tight and can either be covered with net.

2. Be a dream girl in feathers

Here is another innovative idea to give an altogether different idea. On the basic silhouette the feathers are stitched to make a fanciful bridal costume. It looks fluffy and big, but without any weight. The bridal attire is best suited for slimmer women.

3. Strappy trousseau

Although most of the traditional bridal gowns are off shoulders, but there may be brides who might not be comfortable in such styles. They might feel embarrassed to step into strapless bridal gowns owing to the disproportionate shape of their figure. Therefore, the strapy bridal gown is suitable for them. It comes with lots of additional support and spaghetti straps as sleeves.

4. Your bridal gown blushes

The blushing bridal trousseau helps in breaking the stereotype of the white bridal attire. The bridal trousseau comes in varied shades of pink.

5. Romantic bridal gown with butterflies

The atmosphere during the wedding is romantic and the choice of attires and looks can accentuate the romantic feel. A bridal gown adorned with butterflies all over is a suitable choice for a romantic themed wedding.

6. Be a princess with a tiara

Break away from the traditional wedding veil. You are being given a never before opportunity to be a princess on your wedding. The tiara, which has been restricted to royal weddings only, now is a trend for the common masses too. Thus, adorn your bridal hairdo with a jeweled crown tiara or be the perfect bride of a beach wedding with floral tiara.

7. Wedding gowns with silver embroidery

Traditional wedding gowns with beads and pearl embroideries have been done away with. Wedding gowns with embroidery from silver metallic threads lends a beautiful look to the gown.

8. Flaunt your figure with peplum skirt

If you have a well shaped body, you can always flaunt it on your wedding day with a peplum shirt. Designed specially for women with perfect curves, this bridal gown comes with a ruffled look and has a narrow waist to impart a feminine look.

9. Bridal gown with bows

A popular bridal trousseau trend is the bow style. The style emphasizes the use of bows on different parts of the bridal attire. The shape of such a bridal gown is such that it can fit every bride. Tie the bows and drape the gown desirably.

10. Cascade swirls on a traditional trousseau

The traditional bridal gown is given a more feminine and fairy look with the attachment of fabric frills, in an inclined and spiral way, throughout the garment. Long and slender brides will find this perfect for them.

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