5 Biggest marriage proposal mistakes

Marriage proposals

You are planning to propose to the love of your life but sacred of getting shot down? Here’s how you can escape from the despair of getting rejected. So when you plan to go down on your knee, try to avoid these marriage proposal mistakes.

1. Do not propose empty handed

Even though proposal is all about expressing your love and emotions for your beloved, but there is a way of doing everything. The perfect way to propose a girl, is to gift her a solitaire ring. Every girl has somewhere woven the thoughts for the same. More over, the ring acts like sign that both of you are ready to walk down the aisle. A woman would be more happier with a ring which she can show off to her friends and family. Its a symbol of your love and trust for her.

2. Sense the right moment

Proposing too early can increase the probabilities of rejection. If its being hardly a month since you have been together, wait and watch for sometime. If you have time on your side, it is always wise to let the ‘honeymoon’ period of your relationship pass by. The first month of almost every relation is the most beautiful time. You would only know your compatibility as time passes by.

Also, proposing just too early and suddenly, can actually make your girl drift away from you. Even if you are deeply infatuated, give her some time to understand and reciprocate your love.

3. Proposing on the jumbo tron

Some women would not prefer being proposed in front of a million people. It might be dramatic but proposal should be a very private moment. A simple engraving of heart on sand with three magical words can express your love for her and make her feel special. women care more about emotions. Each of your expressed thought would be close to her heart forever.

If you still think, she did like to be proposed in front of a few people, may be you can do it in a party. You can surprise her by making an announcement at the DJ’s floor while everybody is busy shaking a leg. But proposing on a jumbo tron is a strict no no. It can freak out the girl and make her feel embarrassed.

4. Spilling the beans

Proposal is best kept as a secret. If you are planning a proposal any time soon, it is best to silently prepare for it.Do not tell either of the families or even close friends about it. You are supposed to marry the woman you are going to propose. So, take a decision for yourself. You know the woman you love better than your friends. Decide how to go about it keeping in mind what she likes or dislikes. Disclosing it to your family or friends can give her cues that a proposal is on her way. Women love surprises and she did be more happier if you propose her when she had expected the least. Also, your girl would want to share the story afterwards with her friends. She might not appreciate the fact that she was ‘the last to know’.

5. Not waiting for the right moment

It is a human instinct. We lack patience and this can be a reason why when you have made up your mind, you’d want to blurt your proposal as soon as possible. You have bought a gorgeous solitaire ring and you want to gift it to your girlfriend. But, wait for the right moment. Most women want to cherish the memory of this day. Plan out the proposal so that it’s a beautiful moment in your relationship, and the beginning of a new phase in your twined lives.

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