Tips to choose wedding design and theme

Tips to choose wedding design and theme

If your “D” day has been decided, the next thing on your mind is to come up with a wonderful theme to make your wedding the most memorable event of your life. Many people make much ado about deciding on a theme, on the other hand choosing wedding design and theme is really not such a huge deal. Things would be well in place if you decide on a color, words or couple of ideas that would help in shaping up the atmosphere and accentuate aesthetics of your special day. Chalk out the must haves in your wedding along with your spouse so that it becomes easy for both of you to plan for your dream wedding as per both your interests. Here are 10 tips to help you choose wedding designs and themes.

1. Prepare a mood board :

To arrive at a wedding design or theme, it is important for you to zero down on things on the go. The best method to follow is to dig into various wedding magazines, cut out articles that interest you, pile up different ideas in different stacks. Now that you have many ideas lying in front of you, it becomes easy for you to differentiate like and love for any theme. Blindly discard the ones that you just like. Mix and match the ideas that have inspired you to come up with a unique theme of your own. Take a bigger board and arrange all your inspired cut outs in a much organized fashion starting from the ceremony, bridal fashion, table decorations etc. Even before you realize your dream wedding theme would be ready!

2. Pick a theme that you both love :

. Key to any marriage is to involve each other in every aspect of one’s life. Why not start with deciding on the theme itself? Pick things that both of you would love to do together and let it show on the wedding decor.Taking both your personalities into consideration, give your own touch by having a continued theme throughout the decor. From common interests to hobbies you can chalk out a unique theme that you both approve of.

3. Portray culture in your theme :

It would be a good idea to portray your culture in your wedding. Choose color schemes that best suit your culture. For instance, in Chinese weddings, red is their color. You can have red bouquets and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Bring in some Chinese parasols to highlight the wedding mood. This would be a perfect picturesque set-up for your wedding photographs!

4. Take help from wedding planner’s blogs :

Many of the wedding planners maintain blogs where they would have shared ideas of great wedding concepts. Browse through and see if any of their ideas inspired you. If you can afford, you can also seek profession assistance from the wedding planners. This way your dream can become a reality as the experts would try their best to design things as per your imagination. Once out sourced, you can relax and concentrate on other aspects and just monitor what the professionals are doing.

5. If you have no theme, work on colors:

It is really not necessary to have a story board like theme for weddings. You can create magic in the ambiance by using amazing color combinations to suit your wedding mood. For example, for a vintage look use blushing pink, for a glamorous look use Diamonds and Monochrome, for quirky and fun look use bright and bold colors.

6. Fix up a style :

It always becomes easy to plan if you have decided on the style of the wedding. Based on the style you decide on, planning for the venue and decorations would become much easy. Styles could be like traditional, quirky, elegant, stylish, relaxed or pompous etc.

7. Chose a good color scheme :

There would be no “right” color for a wedding. Color schemes is all about doing up the décor of the wedding venue much to your like and tastes. Based on the time of the year if you chose colors for the theme, it will definitely go well with all your guests. Say for summer and spring weddings chose pastel colors for autumn and winter weddings darker colors compliment the wedding décor very much.

8. Chill –out while you make preparations :

Do not get too worked – up. Things need not be accomplished in a hurry. Take time to chill out with your fiancé or your friends. After all it’s your wedding and this time would definitely not come back. Make the most of your individual time and indulge in things that you may foresee giving up after your wedding. Go to a spa or a flower show, you would be fresh and relaxed as never before. Enjoy doing all preparations, as it will be a stroll that you would enjoy for many years to come. Few years down the line, a quick rewind of the memory lane would bring in immense joy to your life.

9. Personalize you wedding day :

The whole idea to come up with a theme for your wedding is to stand out and make your own mark in all your wedding preparations. Try adding your own style and personalized touch to everything that is involved in your wedding. Be it, depicting your hobbies or something you are passionate about, dream and plan for your day accordingly. Consider a theme after you have analyzed all things that stand as continuous inspiration in your day to day life.

10. Consider the time of the year :

It always pays to consider the time of the year that your wedding falls in. Based on the climatic conditions, it would be easy for you to choose an indoor or outdoor wedding. And accordingly

You can also come up with color coordination’s that would suit the season the best. From arranging for Air conditioners to heaters, transportation and accommodation for guests it becomes extremely convenient for you to finalize on your wedding preparations.

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