10 unique wedding bouquet ideas you can use for your wedding


Although the wedding bouquet may be a small element while planning a wedding, it can add an element of beauty for the bride. Women, who love to do something different,are on a constant look out for innovative ideas that they can use for their big day. We have compiled a list of some of the most unique wedding bouquet ideas, which will bring in a twist to the small and simple bridal bouquet.

A large flowered bouquet to be held on the side

If you would want your bridesmaids to also carry flowers at the last minute, you can order the best bouquets from BloomingBox. There are plenty of options in terms of the flowers to choose from. If you want to mix and match the flowers, you can do that as well. For example, if the bride is opting for roses, the bridesmaids can go for lilies or something else like orchids.

A pine cone wedding bouquet designed in the shape of a heart

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There are so manycreative wedding bouquet ideas that you can use with pine cones. If you are planning to have a Christmas wedding, you can easily incorporate this theme to blend in the festive season. Arrange the pinecones in the shape of a heart and tie a beautiful ribbon to hold them together.

Bouquet made with butterflies of different colors and sizes

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For the nature-loving bride, there is nothing more special than to have wedding elements that are inspired by Mother Earth. Well, one of the unique wedding bouquet ideas that you can use is to make a bouquet of artificial butterflies of different colors and sizes.

The embroidery inspired bouquet for the fashion designer in you

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One of the most innovative and interesting wedding bouquet ideas – this is a perfect option for women who love to stitch. You can make a bouquet with different embroidery elements like rolls of thread, buttons, beads, and other such useful things.

Christmas ornament hand bouquet for the winter wedding

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Are you planning a winter wedding? Well, why not bring in the same element to your bouquet as well. Use differently colored and sized Christmas ornaments and come up with one of the most unique wedding bouquet ideas you can think of.

A flower themed bouquet with a slight twist

Floral bouquets are very common. However, you can bring in a small twist to this idea and make it unique. Instead of opting for a hand held bouquet, why not make it the centre of attraction for your wedding dress. Choose a nice floral design to highlight the centre of your wedding dress and design it to look like a bouquet. Have a small hand held bouquet that you can toss at the right time. To make this more innovative, consider having side pockets right near the design to make it look like you are holding the bouquet by your hand. A small twist in one of the classic bridal bouquet ideasis sure to make your guests’ jaws drop.

The pin wheeled inspired hand held bouquet

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Another innovative way to design a wedding bouquet is by using the inspiration of the pinwheel. This is one of those unique wedding bouquet ideas which will have all the single girls wanting to get their hands on. Make differently colored and styled pinwheels and tie them together in the form of a bouquet. You can choose to make this out of cloth or paper. You can even paint and design it the way you want.

A large flowered bouquet to be held on the side

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If you do not want to go for the traditional way of holding your bouquet, you can consider this idea. Choose a nice big sized flower and get it stitched on the side of your wedding dress. This will serve the dual purpose of having a wedding bouquet and bring in an element of style to your gown. There are many creative wedding bouquet ideas and variants to this concept available online.

Small and unique wedding bouquet ideas in the form of a bracelet

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Love to keep your hands free from holding things? No problem, the bracelet bouquet is a unique idea on its own.  You have the choice of going with real flowers or artificial ones for this concept. Just make sure that the bracelet fits perfectly. Along with that, you can opt for a nice singled rowed streamer that falls down to give your gown the right finish.

Hand held clutch bouquet for a stylish look

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Forget the normal way of holding a bouquet and opt for something different. With this idea, convert your hand held clutch into a bouquet for your big day. Choose vibrant and colorful flowers and place it inside the clutch. All you have to do is hold the clutch while you are walking down the aisle and your purpose is served. This is also a last minute hack just in case you do not have a bouquet or forgot to get your bouquet in a hurry.

Tea cup and saucer inspired bouquet

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If your wedding is taking place in the early evening, you can mark the occasion with a nice twist. Amongst the various wedding bouquet ideas, this one is a one fit solution for not only the bride, but also the bridesmaids.  To create the difference, opt for small sized tea cups and saucers for the bridesmaids and a slightly bigger size for the bride.

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