Hair styles for shorter haired brides

It’s such a myth that brides must have long hair for their wedding. True, long hair does give you a lot many options, but short hair is also classy. Contrary to popular belief, short hair can prove to be very versatile. Shifting the parting of the hair, addition of volume and other such small and smart tricks can make a huge impact. Accessories such as tiaras are better suited for short hair rather than longer hair. Bejeweled head bands, embroidered ribbons and combs, all these will enhance the short haired look. Here are a few stylish hairstyles for shorter haired brides.

1. Sophisticated curly updo

Sophisticated Curly Updo

The Sophisticated Curly Updo is an elegant updo. This hairstyle can be done by just finding all the head of hair firmly, at the top of the top, and tying it into a bun. The untied hair strands can be curled together to form small or extended curls. Another option is to leave those little strands of hair on the head of the hair or simply leave them around the face.

2. Vintage wedding hairstyles

Vintage wedding hairstyles

Fancy a vintage hairdo for your wedding? The fifty percent up search is a popular one. A nice fit for any part of the wedding, this hairstyle combines class along with comfort. A great advantage is that placing the bridal jewelry on the head becomes pretty convenient. Appropriate flowers according to the mood and/or setting can also be worn on this one.

3. Leave them open

Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Considering the heat, a summer wedding hairstyle can be quite a pain. For a summer wedding hairstyle, smart accessorizing the short hair can do the trick. From shiny tiaras to bejeweled pins; or even fresh flowers, the accessories are quite a hit among everyone. For ladies with straight hair, a volumizing product can be added to give your hair that extra attention. To get a formal yet sparkly look, out rhinestone clips on the hair.

4. Flaunt those natural curls

Natural Curls

Ladies with curly hair, stop damaging your hair with chemicals! You don’t need to worry about managing your curly hair for the wedding anymore. Enjoy those curls. Place a fine, delicate hair-band or any such accessory and just watch the envy in everyone’s eyes. Keep the curls natural, or you could even make mops of curls.

5. Princess bridal hairstyle

Princess Bride

For short haired women about to get married, a princess-like look can do wonders. And a tiara is a must-have in such a situation. The sparklingly beautiful tiaras do not really go well with long hair or larger hairdos, but are like tailor-made for short hair and they look better on them. The princess bride style is quite graceful and seems straight out of a fairy tale.

6. Straightforward quick waves

Straightforward Quick Waves

Another good one for the short-haired. This hairstyle can be made by simply curling each string of the head of hair. The curls look like small beautiful waves. Bangs can add a lot to the short haired look. Short haired women do not have much head of hair to style and so bangs give a rather voluminous feel to the hair and add that feminine touch.

7. Finger waves

Finger Waves

This is a rather vintage style, sported in the 1930’s and is still popular today too. You can make a significantly bold style statement, which will be remembered for a long time, by using little finger waves or large curls using pins. Fitting perfectly on any length of hair, short-haired women might prefer it rather than women with long hair.

8. Fringes with a cute bun

Make it all about the bangs

Christina Ricci’s bangs might be a good point of reference. Side-swept and sparkling fringes do steal the limelight. Ladies with hair just up to the chin level can slick their hair backwards and pin it into a small bun or an updo. Due to the amazing effect of your front hair, the lack of hair volume will be well ignored.

9. Wave and tie them

Wave it and pin it

This is a lovely hairstyle and can be called as a mixture of two hairstyles. Like the hair style by Milla Jovovich, you can bang the curve down over one side. The other half will be pinned backwards above your ear. It gives quite a modern look.

10. Wave and don’t tie them

Wave it and don't pin it

Deriving inspiration from Keira Knightley, you can opt for this hairstyle on your wedding. It’s pretty simplistic but effective. The hair is straight up with waves which are quite loosely put. There is no need to pin the hair.

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