2017 Wedding tricks and tips you can use to plan an unforgettable wedding

unforgettable wedding

Every year new trends set in that bring a fresh change. Some trends never grow old whereas there others that are variation of previous ones. Wedding plans are never easy. You have to pay attention to every small detail; otherwise, it can get disastrous.  For any upcoming wedding, you can surely find this blog helpful since it will give you an idea of how you can plan your wedding keeping in mind what is ‘In’ for this year

3D Flowers and Floral appliqués

wedding gown

3D Flowers and Floral appliqués will be very common this year. Using floral appliqués even on a simple wedding gown will make you look beautiful. You can incorporate floral appliqués sash or belt in your style. They will provide you with a cost effective option. Elegant and small designs also mark the latest styles for the wedding gown. Delicate designs and light looks are more in style.


Vertical Impact décor

Inspirational décor and designs are now the trend that most couples follow. The focus of visual space is now on the vertical aspect. Numbering is now the highlight for the wedding tables. String lights are equally in style with tall tapers.

Convertibles and crops


Convertible gowns and crop gowns are the latest styles. The crop gowns are a good choice for getting that sexy and contemporary look. Convertible gowns gives a bride better option to use her gown even after the wedding.  Converted busts, long sleeves and subtle designs are also in style this year.

The color pallet is not restricted to ivory or blush

The traditional colors of ivory and blush still stands but there are more colors that have come in. Now pastel colors are more in style. Soft layers of different colors make a mark this year. These still give the traditional bridal look with the new twist.  This is not only restricted to the bridesmaid but to the bride as well.

Destination weddings/honeymoon and family holiday clubbed together


For people on a budget, destination weddings mark a good choice. The trends of this year also include the family holiday and honeymoon all clubbed together in the destination wedding concept itself. Cities like Italy, Canada, Iceland, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Jamaica and Mexico mark the best places for the destination wedding.

The classic look with a modern twist

Feminine ball gowns, A-lined silhouettes, trumpet style may still be preferences depending on the bride. The latest styles include feminine shapes, soft looks, cascading tutle, layers of angelic and beautiful frills and sheer illusions.

Virtual wedding plans and planners

e-wedding invites

Viral wedding plans have become the latest craze. Wedding invites are no more the paper way. Instead, couples prefer to opt for e-wedding invites or specially designed websites for all the updates of their wedding. Even hiring wedding planners are now done virtually. In short, most of the wedding planning will now be done on a virtual platform.

Entertainment and personalized gifts and decor

When it comes to the entertainment factor, couples prefer the icebreaker rounds. Lawn games and food stations are also new forms of gaming. Photo walls, slideshows and customized stationary are also in harmony with the trends today.

The food festival


When there is a wedding, there is food. Now the wedding menu includes snacks, light food and less heavy things to eat. The entrée and salads are not that much on the list apart from the basic stuff. The wide spread of desserts is reduced to the bare minimum. Healthy options are now more preferred than the high calories stuff. Of course, this does vary depending on the preferences of the couple.

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