3 Tips to select a dress for groom’s mother

A groom’s mother may not be the center of limelight in a wedding, but the day still holds a great significance to her. So, it is really important that the mother of the groom wears something that she likes and feels comfortable in. Here are certain tips that can help decide what a groom’s mother should wear and how to shop for a perfect dress for her.

1. Coordinate with the bride’s mother

Talk to mother of the bride to know what she is planning to wear. Ask her about the colors she prefers and then co-ordinate accordingly. Both of you have to dress up in order to look your best, therefore getting together and talking things out can really help when you do not know exactly what to wear.

If the bride’s mother wants to wear a champagne colored ball gown with a sequined design, then the groom’s mother can wear a gold tone ball gown. If she plans to wear something simple for the outdoor gathering like a sweater and blouse then even you can go for a classy simple dress. Consulting the bride, bride’s mother and your son can definitely help you decide what to wear or grab a hint of what might suit you when you go shopping.

2. Finding the right shopping spot

You can look for the right dress across departmental stores, bridal salons, or even shops that sell evening dresses. There are stores that specifically sell wedding dresses including the mother of groom dresses however this may be a bit expensive option. So its best to keep a check on the prices and look for places that charge reasonably in comparison. Casual wedding dresses can be found around brand boutiques or even local dress shops.

3.Matching up with the wedding theme

If you are quizzed as to why can’t the groom’s mother just wear anything what she wants to then the answer is pretty simple too. Coordinating helps because this way the mother of groom would instantly mingle as a part of the wedding. If the theme of wedding is based on light colors then picking a bright red dress would only strike out the groom’s mother and would hence upstage the mother of the bride and even the bride causing hurt feelings. Also this can make the grooms mother appear too attention centric. Going for dresses that suit the occasion and at the same time offer absolute comfort and perfect fit is the best decision. Coordinating does not mean that you have to wear exactly what the others are, instead you can let your creativity flow. Choose amongst different shades of the same color. Play with lengths and cuts for that classy appeal. This way you can definitely find a dress that will bring back those fond memories every time you put it on.

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