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4 Most preferred bridesmaid’s hair accessories

Your bridesmaids look should be planned according to what you plan to wear. Choosing bridesmaid’s dress is still a simpler task as compared to the choice of hairstyles that you would want your bridesmaid to style. The easiest way to style your bridesmaid’s hair is to use hair accessories. Listed here are 4 ideas for bridesmaid’s hair accessories.

1. Clips with big flowers

If your bridesmaids are planning to go all well dresses then a bright big flower on their hair can be the perfect add-on during the wedding day. Both short as well as long hair go well with this eternal style. Pick a big and beautiful flower placed over a clip. you can even coordinate this artificial flower clip with the real flowers that the bride and brides maid’s will carry during the ceremony. To add a dash of creativity you can even weave some real fresh flowers to this clip for the extraordinary appeal. The flower clips are a great option for a spring morning wedding.

2. Hair combs with swarovski crystals

Hair combs serve as a great hair accessory and can be incorporated for the bridesmaids too for a fuss free and clean hair-do. This way their hair will appear streamlined and partially set. hair combs are a perfect option if the wedding ceremony is in an open space or on a windy beach.

While there are various types of hair combs available across the fashion markets yet the most glamorous design is of the hair combs studded with Swarovski crystals that suit the occasion well. with these dazzling hair combs the bridesmaids would definitely look like charming princess waiting to precede the bride down the wedding passage. This look is also great for a glamorous evening wedding ceremony.

3. Headbands and tiaras

If the brides veil is attached to a tiara or headband then the best way of adding to this princess fantasy is by getting silver or crystal tiaras/headbands for the bridesmaids too that can match the brides getup. Both tiaras and headbands are great for holding back the hair in a neat and well to do way. So irrespective of where the wedding ceremony is being conducted, bridesmaids can look their best with this hair accessory for that special wedding effect. Both Tiaras and headbands hold a timeless popularity across the bridesmaid get-up choices particularly if it is an evening wedding celebration.

4. Hair Pins with decorative art work

If the hair combs seem to big then a fragile and smaller version would be the hair pins which can hold small quantities of hair. But the dazzling designer ones can definitely add a charming appeal to your bridesmaids attire. Decorative hair pins can be used even if the bridesmaid goes for a proper hair tie up in the form of a bun or chignon. Apply pins within bunches of curls or even through the layered locks. Decorative hair pins give a moderately formal appearance and suit an afternoon wedding occasion.

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