4 Reasons Why a Party Bus is Perfect for Your Wedding After Party

party bus

Let’s face it: while weddings are wonderful, joyful, and for many people sacred occasions, what really gets people excited is the reception — where food and drinks are plentiful, awkward dancing is mandatory, and at least one guest (though possibly more) will try, yet fail, to deliver a coherent and elegant toast to the happy couple. Good times!


However, there’s something else about weddings that is just as memorable as marching down the aisle: the after party. In some ways, that’s where the fun really starts, and the perfect way to get everyone there in a state of post-wedded bliss (inebriated or otherwise) is a party bus. Here are four reasons why:

  1. The elegance and style is unmatched.

Yes, traditional limousines are classy. But they simply cannot compare with the elegance, style, roominess and features of a party bus. Indeed, these majestic vehicles — and they come in various sizes and configurations — are nothing less than a club on wheels, complete with state-of-the-art sound and entertainment system, bar, and there’s even a bathroom for those who have one-too-many mojitos or rum and Coke’s.

  1. The journey is the destination.

Typically, guests head from the reception to the after party located in someone’s house, or a suite at a hotel. However, with a party bus the journey is the destination. Guests can simply drive around, or head to a scenic location like the waterfront, park, or anywhere else to enjoy the dawn in full-blown luxury. 

  1. There is no need for a fleet of cabs.

party bus

It goes without saying that after a night of drinking — or even for those who haven’t imbibed any alcohol, but have been up for about 20 hours and aren’t in any state to drive — need to get home safely. Traditionally, this means they either uncomfortably fall asleep on the floor or a couch, or they call a cab. With a party bus, all guests can be safely brought home in comfort and style.

  1. It’s affordable and packages are available.

Provided that you choose a reputable party bus company, you’ll have multiple wedding packages to choose from (vehicles, amenities, extras, etc.). You’ll not only get the selection and services you want, but will be very happy with the affordable price.

The Bottom Line 

The wedding reception after party is where legends are born. A party bus is a delightful — and affordable — way to ensure that you and your guests have an epic experience that is worthy of remembrance for years and years to come!

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