Controversial wedding decisions that most millennials consider today

Controversial wedding decisions

At one point, wedding gifts were meant to help the newlyweds. The gift registry consisted of requirements like small appliances, dishes, household linen and various other items that the newlyweds could use. Today things have changed drastically.

The live in concept has become the latest trends even before the two individuals decide to marry.   During this time, they start investing and collecting all these various items before settling down with each other.

The millennial fashion of wedding gifts is very different from what it was earlier. Couples are more practical today and prefer gifts that help them in the future. Here are a few controversial wedding gift ideas that many millennial couples prefer today.

They prefer cash as a form of gifts

prefer cash

Considering how expensive things are today, many couples prefer receiving cash instead of gifts. This gives them the flexibility to enjoy their honeymoon and married life the way they want. Call it being practical or just tacky, but the reality is that cash gifts are in demand in most weddings today. Some couples also open a honeymoon fund so that guests can contribute as much as they want.

They prefer to keep expenses to the bare minimum

Couples today are a lot bold and open about their thoughts. While at one point, the decisions of the guest lists were taken by the elders; today the soon to be weds decide. They prefer to have a very short guest list and prefer inviting only people close to them.

Some prefer kid free weddings


When kids are around, there is a lot that you have to look into to ensure their security. Some couples prefer having kid free weddings to avoid the chaos when children are around. This may be a good choice since parents have a chance to enjoy themselves; but it also causes an inconvenience since parents have to consider alternate options like a babysitter.

They keep the wedding ceremony as simple as possible

Some couples prefer get married in the court instead of doing it the traditional way. This allows them to save money on the some of the major expenses.  After their court marriage, most couples prefer to throw a small party in the homes as a wedding reception and get together. Beach weddings are another preferred way of many millennials since it saves a lot of money.

Combining their wedding and honeymoon


Destination weddings give couples a chance to combine their wedding and honeymoon together. This is not surprising since it saves them a lot of money. They generally prefer to have only their immediate family members and a few extremely close friends.

Have an offseason weekend wedding

Many venues offer various deals and discounts during the weekends for wedding ceremonies. This is a common practice especially during the off-season. A few millennials couples prefer to get married during the off-season since the rates are very low and the availability of venues are high. Another benefit of off-season weddings is that the other arrangements also work out comparatively cheaper.

They do not want to invest in wedding cards

electroinic mail

One of the most common and controversial trends in millennial weddings is not having a wedding card. Some couples prefer to send e-mails to their guests. Another option that most couples consider today is to opt for a wedding website. This saves them tie time, energy and money of getting wedding cards printed.

The white gown is no more just a wedding dress

Many brides prefer to invest in wedding gowns that they can use even after the wedding. Instead of opting for the traditionally designed white embroidered wedding gown, some prefer opting for colored full length cocktail or evening gowns.

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