4 Tips To Planning A Wedding In Cardiff Or Elsewhere

Planning A Wedding

When you have set aside a date for your wedding, be it a few months or a year later, do not sit back and wait for the date to come close before you start your plans. It is much easier to start early because late planning can cause stress. Get a clear plan early enough, find a venue and book it, write down your guest list and lock down service providers for your big day. Planning early gives you peace of mind as you do it at an achievable pace and it eliminates the chances of you forgetting an item in your plans. Additionally, planning early helps you find backup plans if your initial plans fail.

1. Have a budget


Weddings are big days for everyone involved filled with celebration and fun. This amount of celebration does come at a cost, and a prudent couple planning for their wedding should have a suitable budget to enjoy their marriage while protecting their wallets from much financial damage. Do not start on any wedding plans before you have set a budget for everything on your to-do list. It is also wise to account for any emergencies and additional costs that may arise during the planning period or the wedding itself.

2. Venue

Weddings have to take place at a certain location, be it in church, a park or any other location. It is therefore important to identify the location of your wedding early enough and book it so that it is reserved for your big day. Identifying a venue will also make it easier for your guests to come for your wedding, and it will also help you, the couple, to determine the number of guests you want to have at your wedding, and the amount of catering needed. Venues also vary in cost, some are free and some require a little booking money, so you should choose a venue depending on your budget. Chapel 1877 Cardiff is an impeccable venue for those who have a wedding in Cardiff, and it has a bar and restaurant for the post-wedding parties.

3. Get help

planning-your-weddingWeddings are hectic events, and planning them alone can prove to be hectic. The cost itself for hosting a wedding may be a burden to the couple, which is why it is important to get as much help as possible in the planning process. The wedding committee can contribute ideas to make the wedding even livelier, with some even offering to offer their services for free, saving you a load of expenses. Getting a number of helpers will also reduce the load of planning everything alone, as different tasks can be passed to various friends and family.

4. Guest list

Having a guest list is vital since you determine what your budget will look like and what venue you will choose to accommodate everyone. It is also important since you get to determine who you want to come to witness your life-changing moment and who you may not want in attendance. The guest list is the couple’s decision alone, and you should not be guilt tripped to invite anyone you may not want present.

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