45 couples, Wedding Vows, Never to indulge in Female Foeticide

It was like music to the ears of the crowd present in the wedding ceremony of the 45 couples at Gandhinagar, when all of them took their 8th wedding pledge.

They all made a life-saving vow of never to get involved in female foeticide and neither to get a sonographic test done during their pregnancy.

This came as a pleasant surprise to the guest when they almost thought that the wedding ceremony was over.

Held in Kudasan village, the ceremony witnesses the future of the female re-birth renaissance which otherwise was a burning concern coz of the innumerable killings of female babies when they were in the mothers womb.

It is for the first time that such an oath is undertaken by so many couples. It came in the wake of the decreasing ratio of girls in comparison to the boys. This is almost a turning point in the history of Gujarat.

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