Groom walks out of wedding ceremony in India

In the Chitpur village at Kolkata a groom leaves the bride behind only because the bride’s family didn’t give in to his dowry demand of a Motorcycle. The police are in lookout for the 31 year old Rajiv Shaw, who has disappeared from the scene.

As said by the bride’s mother the wedding was confirmed in the moth of November with the auto rickshaw driver. She said that a cash of Rs. 65,000 was handed over to Rajiv as a part of the demand made by him along with the other furniture’s and accessories. He then demanded for a motorcycle on the wedding day. But when the family failed to provide him with the motorcycle he walked away from the ceremony.

The dowry system was banned since 1961 but every year nearly 600 women are brutally murdered all over India due to dory demands by the in-laws.


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