5 Celeb inspired wedding day hairstyles for the groom

Celebrity Inspired Groom Hairstyle

Gone are the days, when a groom was only concerned about his tuxedo or a good pair of shoes for his wedding, and all the hoopla and attention was on the bride. As the metro-sexual man enters the scene, the concept has changed. The contemporary groom is equally concerned about his look for the big day. The modern groom is into personal grooming and clean up sessions, which were supposed to be the woman’s forte. When it comes to wedding, the groom also pays attention to the minute detailing of his hair, clothes and overall looks. Hair is the most important part of any one’s look. And if you are a groom, it becomes even more crucial to find the right cut and styling for you to make you an impeccable one. However, you must ensure to get the haircut at least a week before the big day, so that your face looks settled with the style. The freshly cut hair will make the face look awkward. Here are some of the celebrity inspired hairstyles to bring out the most stylish side of your persona as you turn to look at your woman on your big day.

1. Lush Curls

Lush Curls-James Franco

If you are a laidback groom, this one is for you. James Franco curls, keeping the hair undefined is uber cool and as stylish as the American actor/director himself is. To get the undefined lush curls, towel dry your hair and apply the styling gel. Then blow dry your hair, while using your fingers to control it and keeping the dryer on low. Once the hair dries up, apply molding paste and styling cream to get the desired look. The mix of styling gel and molding paste will not make your hair look stiff. Gently apply the products into your hair and rub it off to separate the curls. With the lush curls let lose, you are ready to rock your big day as a stylish groom.

2. Shaved Scruff

Shaved Scruff - Jason Statham

If you also have a thinning top, idolize Jason Statham shaved head. Keep just a bit of growth to shadow your head and to contour your face. Keep it short for a stylish look. Longer the hair, more sparse it will look. Therefore, shave off your head a few days before, so that the hair grows a bit to give you the picture perfect look for your big day.

3. Bed Head

Bed Head - Johnny Depp

Tousled look is hot, for brides as well as for grooms. Keep Johnny Depp in mind. However, achieving the tousled, out of the bed, Johnny Depp hairstyle needs some serious work. After shower, apply hair styling gel to your hair, blow dry it with a round brush to add volume to your hair, while polishing and smoothening it. Once you are through with the blow dry, mess it up a bit and apply some more styling cream, loosely with your hands. Get this look to create the perfect wedding picture to last the lifetime.

4. Precise Spikes

Precise Spikes-Nick Lachey

If you have thick hair, Nick Lachey’s jagged edge stylish haircut is going to give you the most impressive look on your big day. Use a product to keep the hair soft and not stiff. Rough dry it with your hands. Apply lightweight modeling paste to sculpt and separate the front pieces. And you are ready to groove to the music on the most exciting day of your life.

5. Close Crop

Close Crop- Will Smith

Will Smith’s super cool, 1950s-inspired style is defined by its square shape. It comes straight across the forehead and then down the sides. Use a pick to lift and pull the hair upward from root to tip at the crown upward, to maintain an unformed look. This creates the controlled height. The hairstyle will give you the edgy and stylish look to sweep your bride off her feet. So, decide the hairstyle that suits you the best and shine like your favorite celeb on your wedding day.

Via: Total Beauty

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