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5 Coolest wedding theme trends of 2011

Gone are the days when weddings took place quietly in churches and homes. Wildly excited about their big day, many brides have pushed the limits of the serene classic weddings to exotically themed ones. Let’s take a look at the top five coolest wedding themes for the year 2011.

1. Flower themed weddings

Which girl doesn’t love flowers? The floral fragrance infusing every guest’s senses and bringing them in sync with the love and romance is the formula for a simple yet chic look. A flower themed wedding with floral wedding gowns, cakes in floral motifs, beautifully braided hair, would be every girl’s dream come true.

2. Retro weddings

The vintage retro look never goes out of style. A perfect choice for a timeless wedding ceremony, complete with cap-sleeves, ruffles and frills, intricate designs, retro hairstyles, vintage photos. The retro wedding also takes new dimensions with striped and monogrammed styles, with a top hat on the groom’s happy head. Experimenting with the vintage look can give a timeless yet trendy wedding.

3. DIY weddings

Break loose from the conventional themes is the new mantra for modern weddings. Couples have adopted their hobbies, sports, favorite movies, destinations as a wedding theme. One may not be able to afford weddings at faraway locations, but with DIY themes, couples are recreating the beauty at their very home.

4. The enviro wedding

Showing off your concern for nature turns a creative leaf, with eco friendly weddings. Complete package of second hand wedding gowns, donations for causes, decorations made of recycled material and farm produced food adds to the charm. Spending everyone’s expenses on nature, while saying wedding vows, make up for a natural bliss.

5. The social networking wedding

With technology at finger tips, every Facebook or twitter friend goes on the guest list to be a part of every bridal chore, cake tasting, gown hunt, etc. This would be the perfect choice for social networking addicts, who are not wishing to compromise. Get a little more savvy and broadcast your wedding live for all your friends on social networking sites and be the social celebrity couple.

Thus wedding themes these days no longer have to be boring and the typical traditional ones. An adventurous couple can set themselves apart by choosing a wedding theme. A wedding planner can make all the difference. From choosing the theme to the decoration to the menu everything makes the difference on the big day.

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