5 Secrets to Engagement Ring Shopping


For most men, shopping for an engagement ring is a little out of their comfort zone. And even though every married man has done it, it’s still something that doesn’t get discussed much in everyday conversation. As a result, you may not know how to approach this challenge.

5 Things You Should Know About Ring Shopping 

Engagement rings have always been a big deal, but they’ve increasingly become a status symbol in a world that’s marked by digital media. As a man without much experience in areas like this, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the do’s and don’ts people send your way. And while you have to be pretty good at putting up blinders and scrutinizing the advice you get, here are a few key elements of the process to think about: 

Ask for Permission

It may seem like an old fashioned piece of advice, but it’s always a smart idea to meet with your future fiancé’s parents prior to starting the engagement ring shopping process. Traditionally, this has looked like the groom meeting with the woman’s father and asking for his blessing in marriage. In the modern era, you may want to put a more progressive spin on things – but there’s still something to be said for meeting with the parents in advance.

“These days, it’s less a question of permission and more a sign of respect,” says Jaimie Mackey of Bella Design & Planning. “It is a huge moment in any person’s life, and it’s still incredibly popular for one partner to honor the other’s parents in this way—and enable them to be a part of the process.” 

Choose a Style 

In case you haven’t noticed, engagement ring shopping can be intimidating. There are thousands of different types of rings and you’re going to be quite helpless if you aren’t able to at least narrow the selections down to a manageable size.

“There’s a huge difference between buying a beautiful ring and buying a beautiful ring that fits her style,” Sylvie Collection points out. “When shopping for a ring, you need to make sure you’re taking her style into account, rather than purchasing something that you think she should wear. That’s something we try to work with our clients on – finding rings that match her signature style.”

Once you have her particular style picked out, it becomes much easier to zero in on one, two, or three different rings you believe she’d like. 

Set a Budget

Unless you’re an outlier, you’ll need a budget when shopping for an engagement ring. This will help you further narrow your search and avoid getting distracted/tempted by rings that you really shouldn’t be buying. 

Speak With Her Friends/Family 

If you’re unsure of what style or size she wants, you can always get some advice from friends and family. It’s possible that she’s told them exactly what she wants in a ring. Even if she hasn’t, they’ll have a pretty good idea of her style due to being close to her. 

Speak With Other Guys

You may have made bigger purchases in the past – such as a car or house – but nothing comes close to an engagement ring in terms of significance and sentimental value. To get a little perspective, consider bringing one of your closest guy friends into the process.

“Ask previously engaged friends for great jeweler recommendations,” The Knot’s Richie Frieman suggests. “You might even want to take that friend with you on your first ring shopping trip to help offer support and back up your opinions.” 

Finding the Perfect Ring 

An engagement ring is an engagement ring…nothing more and nothing less. Now that you’re in the process of actually buying one for the love of your life, it’s not as easy to see it this clearly.

While you certainly owe it to your soon-to-be fiancé to approach the purchase process with clarity and thoughtfulness, don’t get so overwhelmed that you forget what this is all about. The ring is a symbol of your love and promise for the future – it isn’t an exact measure of your love. When you realize this, some of the pressure will slip away and you’ll find it easier to choose a ring that will make her happy.

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