5 Simple Tips for Self Planning Your Wedding Reminders

Tips for Self Planning Your Wedding Reminders

Some people know themselves well enough to know that they just simply do not need a wedding planner. Whether it’s because you’re a go with flow type that doesn’t need every detail to be perfect on the big day; A bridezilla so intense that a planner is pointless because you’d still micromanage every detail, Or just someone who doesn’t have the budget for a planner or doesn’t enjoy spending money on things they feel are unnecessary. While there are plenty of websites, even magazines, centered around what to do when you’re planning your own website, there are still a few things to keep in mind and may need reminding when it comes to designing your dream day.

1. Safety First

You may not realize this, but even private residences that allow wedding throwers to rent the property have to have special licenses and insurance to hold such events (this may depend on state laws but is pretty standard). So, even if you’re throwing the event in your backyard, be aware that should something happen to a guest or caterer, you may be held responsible. It’s an excellent idea to make sure there are no obvious hazards on the property or in parts of the house that guests are allowed to access.

Even in regions, they aren’t supposed to access, but not everyone will adhere to the “rules,” especially after a couple of flutes of champagne. If you’ve hired acquaintances or teenage family members to act as caterers, investing in restaurant slip-resistant shoes for them isn’t a bad idea. You’re not looking at very much money in comparison to the cost of an injury. Bonus, if they’re teens that already work in service, it’s an extra “thank you” for helping out when they get to keep them after your reception.

2. After the “After Party”

You’ve planned your dress, the catering, your cake, obviously the service and reception. But what about after everyone has left the party? Of course, you’ve brought on people to help clean up the reception’s food and possibly decorations. But, there will also be many other items – gifts, cards, other items to collect from the venue. Consider assigning the role of managing all these things to a member of your bridal or groom party. The maid of honor and best man have plenty of other responsibilities leading up to your big day, so make it someone that you and your fiance trust enough to get the job done, but don’t add another thing to someone else’s already full plate.

3. Guests Conditions

Nowadays, we’re all much more in tune with our bodies, and it’s limitations. So it’s a thoughtful thing to make sure on your invitations that you request guests put in food allergies (not sensitivities). If you see a common response on your RSVPs, try to cater a good portion of the menu and appetizer options to people’s conditions.

4. Do Not Play List

Whether it’s a song that reminds you of an ex or just one of the many overplayed songs at wedding receptions you’re tired of, making a “Do Not Play” list for your DJ is a fantastic idea. Even if you’re just having a friend connect their iTunes to a set of Bluetooth speakers, take time to curate a list that will get the party going but won’t bring you or your spouse to be down. It may sound like common sense, but it gets overlooked all too often. 

5. Plan B for Weather

When we first start thinking about our dream wedding, our first thoughts are typical of the when and where. We get so caught up in the idea of an outdoor dream wedding or a specific destination (where we’re even less familiar with climate and weather patterns). So, you need to have a solid backup plan for what to do should the weather not go your way. It’s also worth reviewing this a couple of times with the leading players and helpers in your planning. 

Enjoy Yourself!

Lastly, and this is the most important one – you can’t forget to enjoy yourself. There are going to be hiccups, bumps in the road, and things you wish didn’t happen. But guess what? They are definitely going to happen. Remember just to try and breathe and go with the flow. The most important part of the day is marrying the person you want to commit the rest of your life with. The rest is just filler. So, stop and smell your bouquet and enjoy your day! Cheers! 

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