How to Plan a Grand Wedding on a Budget


Most couples dream of a beautiful and grand wedding but don’t consider the financial aftermath. It’s best to consider the wedding expenses and come up with realistic and frugal ways to reduce the costs while still having the wedding of your dreams. It’s possible to have a grand wedding within a budget. Couples only need to be wiser when booking the venue, hiring photographers, choosing jewelry, and designing the menu. You can use these tips to enjoy a grand wedding without buying the most expensive rings or hiring the most costly photographers.

1. Minimize On the Flowers

The costs of flowers at a wedding can be pretty high. Fortunately, you can still have beautiful flowers for your big day without getting into debt or breaking the bank. Keep your wedding flowers simple by sticking to simple arrangements and bouquets and reuse them for the reception. You can also save on flowers by using seasonal flowers and using greenery.

2. Buy Wedding Dresses on Sale

Another effective way of planning a grand wedding on a budget is to look out for wedding dress sales. Go through online stores or scour for physical stores with wedding dresses on sale. You can be sure to get a beautiful and elegant dress for your grand wedding without spending a fortune. Alternatively, you can check for stores offering discounted prices on wedding dresses.

3. Plan a Delayed Honeymoon

Every couple looks forward to their honeymoon with excitement and joy. They want to honeymoon in a faraway paradise immediately after their wedding. In reality, a honeymoon requires time and money, and if you are on a budget, you can delay your honeymoon. Delaying your honeymoon allows you to save for the trip to your dream destination. Since a wedding is a pricey event, you might cause a financial crunch when you spend your honeymoon immediately. Consider delaying your honeymoon to have a breathing space after the wedding and have time to save up for a grand trip.

4. Choose Affordable and Beautiful Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings or bands are an essential part of your wedding. They symbolize your commitment, but that shouldn’t mean that you spend a fortune on them. You can go simple on your wedding rings if planning your wedding on a budget. For instance, rather than spending a small fortune on natural diamonds, opt for affordable diamond rings made with lab-created stones. They’re as durable and beautiful as true diamonds at a fraction of the price.

5. Target a Short Guest List

The guest count often affects the total wedding costs. The number of people you invite to your wedding determines the venue size and amount of food you’ll provide. You can make your grand wedding intimate by reducing your guest list to a small number to reduce venue and meal costs. Most couples think that reducing the guest list is impossible, but you realize that it’s not as difficult as it seems once you start reducing the list. To make it easier, consider the last time you talked to each person on your list.

6. Focus on the Things You Love

Another cost-saving tip for a grand wedding is to focus on the things you like and ditch the rest. Besides reducing the wedding expenses, it helps to make the event more personal. If you don’t love dancing, then there’s no point in hiring a DJ. If you love photos, you can invest in an affordable photographer and videographer.

7. Choose Your Date and Location Wisely

Your wedding date can significantly influence the amount of money you pay for the location. You can have your wedding at your ideal location without spending so much by choosing an off-season date. It would help avoid the festivities because most venues charge higher amounts during these seasons than during off-seasons. Also, choosing a destination wedding can reduce the number of guests by close to half.

Grand weddings don’t have to cost a fortune. You can plan yours on a budget with the help of these tips and thinking creatively. Keep things simple, break traditions, and invite who you want. Besides, a debt-free wedding would be a great way to start your married life.

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