5 Songs that should not play at your wedding

The wedding is a time for celebration and no celebration is complete without songs and dance. Just the way you plan your venue and other details you need to be very careful about the songs that you select.

Here are the five songs that you must avoid and the reasons for the same:

  1. Blame it on alcohol by Jamie Foxx


Keep in mind that even if it sounds cliché wedding is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between two souls. Even your guests need to feel that yes indeed you guys are made for each other. Even though your first conversation was over a bottle of alcohol there is no need to announce it to the world.  Let this beautiful moment of your life not sound like something that happened when you were out of your senses. You might just play the song for fun but it might make you sound that your relationship started on the wrong note.

  1. Used to love her by Guns and Roses

In the first place when you both are just about to start this lovely and joyous phase of life you surely cannot use a past tense sentence like “I used to love her”. Just imagine what message you will be sending out not just to your guests but to that beautiful lady. For a moment any woman will wonder if you really mean it. If that was not enough just think about this one line “I used to love her but I had to kill her”. The lady and perhaps even her parents will start doubting your intentions. After all, only a fool will talk about killing a lady on such a wonderful day of your life.

  1. Macarena by Los Del Rio:


First of all, this is one song which all of us have heard again and again. This song finds its way, not just in weddings but high school graduation parties and birthday bashes. So in the literal sense, Macarena has become a very common song. Your wedding needs to be special and not common. Besides the dance moves involved in the song. Now you surely do not want to see some of your guests spinning their hips the way they do it in the song. Do you? This is one of those cheesy dance group numbers which is best avoided at weddings.

  1. I will survive by Gloria Gaynor:

This is a lovely song but hangs on guys this song is about a breakup. Now imagine the wonderful couple is all set to dance as an official wedded couple for the first time and you speak about to break up. Avoid such songs which can be actual mood killers. No one wants to discuss break up on their wedding day! Rigtht? Besides this song has been played zillion time and hence there is no surprise element to it. Avoid sad songs like this one and do not create an awkward situation.

  1. My heart will go on by Celine Dion:

There is no doubt that this song is an absolute classic and Celine Dion has sung it so well that you get lost in a romantic world. But remember the song is for a dead boyfriend and it brings memories of a wrecked ship and the sight of several people drowning to death. Obviously, this cannot be a part of your wedding. So listen to it sometime later but do not play it at your wedding.

Overplayed songs, mood killers, sad tunes have no place in weddings. Opt for songs which will lift everyone’s spirit and make your wedding an awesome and memorable event.

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