Tips to pick a vintage bridesmaids’ dress

Vintage clothing for the bridesmaids

Bridesmaids’ are the second most important and much talked about people throughout the wedding ceremony. They take care of the bride in every possible way; they pamper her, remain updated about even a little info of her and the list is endless. This is a reason why bridesmaids’ clothing is also of much importance to the bride. The choice available for the bridesmaids’ clothing is very huge. Even if you prefer to use the vintage styling, there are a number of styles to choose from. If you feel the need to style your bridesmaid in the vintage style clothing, here are some easy to follow tips to assist you with this task.

1. Be ready to compromise

Everyone may not be able to deal with the vintage dresses. They are only for those who have a pure obsession for such styles. You need to be very flexible while choosing the clothing for your bridal party. You may not find everything matching well. You have to spend more time shopping around, doing some mending and alterations to get the exact look and feel you have in your mind.


Have that belief that you would be able to carry the vintage dress very confidently and even if it’s not the one that you were looking for. Compromising should be there within you. Just remember to put up that smile on your lovely face.

2. Sizing can be a problem

Vintage dresses are usually small in size. They look like as if the girls who wore those dresses were short in height. Most of them even wore corsets. But it can be quite difficult to find clothes in modern day sizes. Finding matching clothing for plus size women may be almost impossible. So be very careful while choosing the numbers. You may be able to find matching clothes for two. But if your choice is more, it may be difficult to find appropriate sizes. You may have to do a lot of alterations.


Get a bigger size gown to play safe, because at the end of the day you can get it altered anytime you want, but if it’s small then things won’t work as you want. Sometimes you may not be able to have your bridesmaids’ to check the size. So you need to double check the size so that the clothes fit perfectly well. Ensure that you have at least one inch leeway especially if the fabric is not stretchy.

3. Shop often and everywhere

When you are shopping for the bridesmaids’ vintage clothing it is necessary to carry the measurements wherever you go. Apart from the actual stores you can also look for these clothes online. Many retailers have vintage collection. You can even check out the secondhand stores where you may be able to find the kind of dress you are looking for. You have to shop at different places to find perfect clothing for all your bridesmaids.

Tip: Be ready to pick your stuff anytime, it may happen that while doing an online search you come across the one you were actually looking for, so have that thing in your mind and move on. Fiddle through various shopping stores and markets and find the perfect one for your bridesmaid.

4. Do not ponder for long

Sometimes you may find a perfect clothing and think of coming back later for it. Avoid such thoughts and buy it right away. When you are dealing with vintage clothes you have to buy them promptly or else they maybe simply gone. Stick to the basic rule and pick whatever comes your way for a safety purpose. you never know when it might be somebody else’s property.


Getting the perfect match means that you have to buy it at that time, because that dress may get sold. And, you don’t want to lose it by any chance, so why to wait for long, if you like it just pick it for your sake. Who knows it might not be available for you later on .

5. Mending and alterations

If you think that the vintage bridesmaids clothes may require mending, start the work right away. Sometimes you may need to alter one dress a few times over for getting the right fit. So, do not postpone the job towards the end because you may have to spend quite a lot of time for mending and altering the clothes.


Moral of the story is that don’t let your things for the last minute to happen because you will end up messing. It’s better to think logically and work in that respect. Mend all your dresses before the wedding day because last minute plans generally end up in some great mis understandings.

6. Have fun

Choosing the vintage clothes for your bridesmaids can be a lot of fun if you add some creativity to it. Instead of choosing a particular style you can also experiment different ways by mixing and matching styles. Let your imagination lead you to find the best kinds of dresses for your bridesmaids. Overall, the visual appeal has to create a stunning effect with you being the center of attraction.


While you remain all stocked up in picking up the best for your bridesmaid, don’t forget to have fun along with the hectic schedule because at the end what matters is that you should enjoy every moment to the core, after all its your wedding and you should be having that million dollar glow on your face.

Choosing vintage clothing for your bridesmaids can be a breeze when you know what you are looking for. Plan well and shop early so that you make all the necessary arrangements for making the occasion very special and visually beautiful.

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