8 Wedding Traditions Likely To Reemerge

Wedding Traditions


Over time, several wedding rituals like the receiving line and wedding bells faded away. Traditions such as these were meant to bestow blessings upon the newlyweds and make the nuptials more interesting. Since change is a law of nature, some of these traditions are to become a part of the weeding ritual once again. Here is our pick of 8 marriage rituals that might return to the modern-day weddings.

8 Most Promising Wedding Rites That Might Comeback

  1. Groom’s Cake
    Groom’s Cake
    The main objective of this tradition is all the single ladies attending the nuptials. Groom’s Cake is traditionally a dark fruitcake layered with chocolate. As per the tradition, each unwed girl was meant to bring a piece of cake to her home and place it beneath her pillow before going to bed. This would help her dream about her future groom.
  2. Guests in Hats
    Guests in Hats
    Hats can add some much-needed meaning to a ritual, much like they did for attending a marriage ceremony in old times. For wedding guests, hats helped in tipping up the old dresses and chin-up the big day for the wedding couple.
  3. Love Letters
    Love Letters
    Different regions followed a different version of this tradition. In Icelandic nuptials, the bride and groom would write down a letter expressing their feelings about their significant other just the night before the ceremony. The letter might include their hopes and expectations from the new relation and/or a recounting of the tale how they met and fall in love with one another. In some other traditions, the parents of the couple or the officiant would write a letter addressing the couple. Afterwards, the letters were put in a box and sealed away until the couple’s 1st wedding anniversary.
  4. Money Dance
    Money Dance
    Though available in a number of forms, Money Dance was simply a wedding ritual in which guests would dance with the bride and/or groom and give their blessings to them in the form of money. Mainly associated with the brides though, the tradition is also known as apron dance in Poland because of brides putting an apron upon their wed gowns to save them from pin holes. There are several popular variations of the ritual such as the Philippines and Mexican version. The bride carries a silk bag in which guests dancing would put money at an Italian wedding.
  5. Receiving Line
    Wedding Traditions
    For the groom and the bride, nothing is better than a receiving line to say a big thanks to all the wedding attendees, in concert to all of them. An additional good thing about this forgotten marriage tradition is that it was much flexible to be organized. You can have it right after the ceremony or just before vows are exchanged.
  6. Sugared Almonds
    Sugared Almonds
    5 sugar almonds – symbolizing happiness, health, children, wealth, and a long life – were traditionally given out to each wedding guest. The almonds were meant as wed favors symbolizing blessings given to the newlyweds. And mind you, those sugared almonds tasted just as great as they looked.
  7. Tying The Knot
    Tying The Knot
    The phrase “Tying The Knot” relates to an aged Irish and Scottish wedding tradition. The old ritual makes use of a colored ribbon or cord to bond the two persons together. Originally known as hand-fasting, the ritual is performed by the officiant himself by tying hands of the groom and the bride. The tradition is immensely popular in European nuptials. With the binding, the marriage couple is bound with a perpetual bond.
  8. Wedding Bells
    Wedding Bells

    The tradition of tolling bells at the starting as well as the completion of a wedding is another forgotten marriage tradition. In old times, the ritual was meant to ward off all types of negative energies or presence from the ceremony. Celtic nuptials made use of a smaller bell, which was rung upon the completion of the ceremony and then was taken to the newlyweds’ living place. The bell was meant to rung whenever tensions arose between the couple.


These marriage traditions have really something important to give to the wedding couple. A comeback of these rituals might just be around the corner.

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