A collection of wedding favors


Your marriage day is something very close to your heart. Whenever you will recollect you wedding day all that you wanna have s fond memories.

Here are a few collections of wedding favors that you can purchase. They are some really cute stuff that you guests will surely appreciate.

Traditional wedding favors
are an all time favorite. They can be found in different designs and color so that you can choose anyone that you like. The traditional designs comprise a collection of exquisite tulles capturing the sugared almonds or chocolate dragees that will be some real romantic favors.

Another kind of favor is the Organza Petal which features plethora of color combination and further synchronized with smooth satin ribbons and Rose bud centres.

Satin edge designs reflect the heights of sophistication. To get this mesmerizing effect tulle nets and the rich and colorful satin edges are blended with a classy touch.

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