Wedded Bliss for All or None

same sexMarriages are said be decided by god and not by any governing body. But in today’s world it is just the other way round. We all know that the same-sex marriage is a very rare phenomenon. And the society discards the same-sex marriage as untouchable rituals. Even they have the right to live.

In this regard a bold step was taken by Clarendon Presbyterian Church Pastor David Ensign and the governing council of the church. Being a pastor he shocked the die-hard Arlington’s progressives at the nation’s human rights award ceremony, where his church received an honorary award. On that day he gave fatal punch to the progressives by declaring that the pastor and the governing body of the church will no longer hold any weddings. This is a protest against the ban imposed on gay homosexual marriages. They feel that everyone should be treated equally and that there should not be any discrimination.

A superb way to go.

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