A few details brides often forget

If you think, you covered all the things meticulously then think again. It does not matter how much you try, something can skip from your mind on your wedding day. Little and tiny mistakes can make a big difference. We are mentioning a few details to remember on your big day. We are sure among the details there are at least number of items that you skipped.


A pretty hanger for your wedding dress

It might look a minor detail, but this is important. When the photographer steps up to capture an image of your dress, you do not want your beautiful and precious wedding dress to be marred by an unsightly plastic or wire hanger. This one is quite easy to forget, but keeping it in mind can pay off well.


Inform family about reservation of seats

A good seating plan is extremely important. You could have flowery and beautiful “Reserved” sign boards littering the place, but if people do not know where to sit, all the effort is in vain. Try to make sure beforehand that people know where to sit. It avoids a whole lot of mess, and makes things all the more streamlined and better if bewildered people don’t move around trying to find their seats.


Keep extra cash

Having some extra cash always comes in handy. You are going to tip a hell lot of people, ranging from your hairstylist to the hotel bellhop. Having “just enough” cash could lead you to forget someone and end up in an embarrassing situation. Keep extra cash handy, so that you are not caught unprepared by any surprise.


Assign someone to collect your wedding gifts

It’s your wedding and you will have a lot of things to do. It might simply happen, that you forget picking up your wedding gifts. Now that does not make a pretty scene, either for you, or for the people who got you those gifts. The easiest way around this would be to recruit someone responsible and reliable to collect the gifts and bring them to your home.

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Feed your bridal party

With everyone running around making arrangements, it is possible a few people might miss meals. Bridesmaids especially are very busy during the time, and run a risk of keeping their belly empty. You obviously do not want to ignore the bridesmaids; these are people dear to you. Prepare a set up for lunch with light sandwiches, chips, fruit, and other snacks to make sure they get some food beforehand.


Pack your cellphone and charger

Before your wedding party starts, make sure your cellphone is fully charged. You can also assign someone responsible for answering any calls from your family and friends who are under stress during wedding and need quick answer.


Remember all the above wedding details on your wedding day. These tips will help you to make your wedding day memorable.

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