A quick guide to Wedding DJs

If you are planning a wedding very soon and you have not yet booked the musicians or DJ for the big day, here is your chance to take a few quick tips for the wedding music that you want.

Do not wait for the 11th hour to book your DJ. Place the booking at least six months prior to the wedding day. You may take help from wedding service provider for some feasible recommendations.

Decide on a venue, as the sound will differ from place to place: if it is an orchestra, a ballroom is fine. If you are going for a small gathering, the harpists will just be great.

Another important point to remember is that the DJ or the band that you are hiring should be well acquainted with prior wedding ceremonies.

Always check out the tapes or the video records of the musician’s earlier wedding performances. This way you will have a better idea.

Find out the amount of money that the DJ or the musicians will cost you. Never settle for what they say, always carry out an extensive research.


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