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Singles dilemma at a wedding party

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Wedding day is a very special occasion for the groom and bride, which they would love to share only with their near and dear ones.

Sometimes it becomes very much awkward for the singles, as the invitation comes solely for him/her and not their partners.

Now the question is, whether or not the singles bring their date along for the party.

Folks, always remember that too much of crowd will create a commotion and also becomes difficult for the bride and groom to talk with each and everyone.

The wedding moment being one of the most auspicious and once-in-a-lifetime occasion for the couple, they always try to keep it very much systematic and close to their heart.

It is advisable to all the singles that, try to respect their feelings and stick to what they are expecting from you. Do not end up taking along some friends of yours. It will create a very awkward position for both the couple and your friend as well.


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