Adding spice and fun to your bachelorette party while keeping it affordable


When you are cash strapped and want to throw a bachelorette party, the first thing that comes into your mind is making your party cheaper and more affordable. As it is important to spend some fun time with your friends, you must think of ways to cut down on your expenses. Below are some simple yet helpful ideas by Suggest Team with Dr Prem that can help you throw a quality bachelorette party on a tight budget.        

Prefer home over restaurant

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When planning for a bachelorette party, you must choose the location with great care. Avoid choosing a restaurant or hotel for the party since it would mean loads of cash to you. If you choose a house for a party, you will get comfortable and home like environment. You can enjoy the way you want at home, free from those messy checkout problems. Bride can choose her own house or any of her bridesmaids’.

Try shrinking travelling costs

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When you and your bridesmaid have planned for a bachelorette party, make sure it is in the budget. Most of the expenses arise due to traveling. It never makes any good sense to choose an out of town location for your bachelorette party, since no one would like to spend most of their money on travelling. You would find several other things to spend money on like shopping and eating. Shrinking travelling costs will allow you to enjoy an affordable party and save more money.

Economical pool party

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Pool party is a treat for people in summers. It not only refreshes the mind but also is a perfect spot for bachelorette party. If you want to throw an affordable pool party for your bridesmaid, you do need to follow some simple tips. Just put out some lounge chairs along with your favorite drinks. Drinks are necessary to beat the heat and chill while you are in a pool with your bridesmaid. Have some fruits and salad to make the entire experience more healthy and refreshing.

Affordable beach party

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Beaches are always a fun place to hang out with your friends. While you want to enjoy a good time with you bridesmaid, throw a beach party and have fun with them. You can share a day under sun with your friends and a bonfire in the night. Moreover, you people can bring snacks and drinks from home, which will leave you with lots of food and drinks to enjoy.

While it is important to spend quality time with your friends before wedding, make sure you do not go out of budget. Just keep it simple and have fun with bridesmaids.

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