Affordable Wedding Favors

i need some ideas on affordable wedding favors. while most of my family members are in favor of eatables, i think i would not like to go with it. i know some of the eatables like assorted chocolates make very nice favor gifts but i think everybody doesn’t like it. when you talk about eatables, people now a days are very choosy about what they eat and what they don’t. so i think i would rather go for something which at least if not all of them but at least most of them would like.

what all items can i gift them, which are cheap yet nice. also, is there anything in particular which may suit the theme of ‘outdoor wedding’? i have been very fond of photo frames from the very beginning. can you tell me any site which has a collection of photo frames for selling purpose? frames capture the best of memories and wad better gift can it be to make it more memorable?

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