Unique Groomsmen Gifts

hey! i urgently need some ides on Unique Groomsmen Gifts.. i got four groomsmen for my wedding, which is due next week. with such a short span of time ahead, i am seriously running out of ideas. since all of them are my close friends, i don’t wanna give anything traditional or common to them. also, two of them are in a rock band and very fond of rock music. so, i wouldn’t mind if any of you suggests anything pertainin to that. cuz all i wanna do is see them happy. they all are aged between 25 to 34 years. price tag is not really an issue but still, it shudn’t b over expensive. also, any special suggestions for the best man gift are welcome. also i would really appreciate it if you guys come up with something which is easily available in Nevada. because anything outta nevada streets will mean travelling and time consumption which, is not feasible for me at this point of time.


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