Afghan weddings losing glamour due to high gold prices

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Wearing gold accessories has been in the tradition of the Afghan families for ages now, though for the last 26 years the rates have shot so unthinkably high that it is taking a toll on the poor groom.

The more gold that the brides wear on her wedding day, the more affluent her family would look. This is about family pride.

An Afghan bride is expected to wear as much golden jewelry as possible: gold even has the power of disrupting an entire wedding ceremony.

Last weeks, price of gold reached $730 an ounce, the highest in 26 years. How can the poor groom come up to the expectations of his would-be in-laws.

You will be surprised to know that this gold thing costs the Afghan men a heavy fortune: poor chaps, just for this exclusive day they have to work hard all the year.


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