Twist old wedding rituals with new ideas

wedding ceremony wedding rituals

Though today’s couple love to get married in a very contemporary and ultra-mod way, in some corner of their heart the traditional rituals always gives them an emotional tug.

Why not try out a few innovative ideas of how you can blend both the old and latest trends in wedding rituals.

Bridal bouquet toss

Traditionally the bride is supposed to throw her bridal bouquet behind and a woman catches it: she is the next one to get married as the saying goes

Now, your innovative change will be to keep the bridal one for yourself and make a cluster of flowers all huddled together. You just have to do one thing just make sure that you untie the whole bunch before throwing it and put a romantic fortune on each one of them.

Cut the Wedding cake

It has been followed since ages that the wedding cake is the main dessert of the ceremony: the bride and groom cuts the cake together and slides a slice in each other mouth.

This symbolic act says you will love each other all though out thick and thin in life.

Today what most of the couples does is cover the wedding cake part by offering dessert buffet along with a wide variety of mouth-watering pastries decorated beautifully.

Even frosted cupcakes all on tiers will do.

Rice throw

Throwing rice on the bride and groom represents showering them with fertility. Everyone including adults as well as kids takes part in this practice.

You can throw wheat instead of rice as people do in France. Alternatively, you might even provide your guests with flower petals, decorative paper pieces: it will be easier to clean it up.

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